Tem Aug 28, And the clock 3. Assembling, Measuring, Programming This is part 2 of a step-by-step guide to bringing your custom microcontroller design to life. Basically, and device capable of sending an audio signal can be fed into the DTMF decoder, and as long as the signal quality is decent, the DTMF tones can be decoded. This increases the input gain from 1 to 2. Dahasheet 2 of 7.

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Feb 13, 9. California Micro Devices Corp — datasheet pdf And, furthermore, why would you want to do this? Page 2 of 7. Mar 11, 4. This setup allows a wide range of audio devices to be fed into the input without having to worry about impedance matching or the level of the output. Last edited by a moderator: The audio signal is processed by a robust signal processor inside the and any DTMF tones heard will be registered on the data output port.

For testing purposes, it is much datxsheet to feed datasehet signal from your telephone system into the DTMF decoder so you can use the phone keypad to verify the operation of your circuit. For the K resistor, a more common value of K or K will work just fine. But the decoding never works!! Mar 11, 1 0. The input is very versatile and can be directly connected to the phone line or to any audio playback device such a computer sound c or digital recording unit.

Increasing the value of GS resistor solved the problem. And then that Outputs stays high till I turn the power off. Mar 11, 5. No, create an account now. The All-Pass Filter How do you design a filter that ideally has the dataxheet gain for all frequencies? Jan 13, 3. The circuit looks fine, as it is the same one taken straight from the data sheet. Basically, and device capable of sending an audio signal can be fed into the DTMF decoder, and as long as the signal quality is decent, the DTMF tones can be decoded.

What maybe the problem here? So every time a new DTMF tone has been decoded and sent to the 4 bit binary port, the data ready pin will toggle to high for a short time. Aug 24, 8. This allows your receiving circuit or device to know when a number has been repeated. Aug 23, 7. You could even run an electret microphone into the input and still get a valid DTMF decode by simply placing the speaker from an audio recorder next to the microphone.

I made the project on a breadboard. Quote of the day. The DTMF decoder really works well on a wide range of devices. You can feed a line from the telephone jack to the to decode tones pressed on any phone on the same line, or you can feed the output from some audio source such as an RF scanner, digital recorder or computer sound card directly into the DTMF decoder.

Aug 23, 1 0. You May Also Like: Jan 11, 2. Related Posts.



The filter section uses a switched capacitor technique for both high and low group filters and dial tone rejection. This DTMF receiver minimizes external component count by providing an on-chip differential input amplifier, clock generator, and a latched three-state interface bus. The on-chip clock generator requires only a low cost TV crystal or ceramic resonator as an external component. All rights reserved. This device contains input protection against damage due to high static voltages or electric fields; however, precautions should be taken to avoid application of voltages higher than the maximum rating.





California Micro Devices Corp


ISO TS 14949 PDF


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