Coonradt and Ken Krogue. The following points are my take-aways from this e-book that might apply to healthcare practices and their teams, as well as my additional comments. When you have staff, they need to hear back from you on how they are doing. We have found all of the above to be true in the healthcare practices we are coaching. Staffs, like athletes, perform better when they know where they stand and when they know the score. How to Give Good Feedback Always reinforce the actions or behaviors you want repeated; remember to over-celebrate and under-criticize.

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According to the author work should provide the challenge, fun and specific rules set out in sports. The same people that will put in extra time to excel at a sport in less than desirable conditions will complain about doing work under the same conditions eg.

One of the interesting comments involved reward for performance. During a football game a touchdown is still 6 points no matter how easy or hard it was to achieve it. Companies often change the rules of incentives if employees appear to reach the goal too easily. This reduces the incentive for employees to strive for success. The author advocates allowing employees some flexibility in adjusting their time schedules to accomplish production targets.

Before hunting season, one company allowed workers to shift their schedules to work more hours earlier in the week and for the employees to leave on Thursday to allow them to hunt if the production target was met. The motivated workers completed the task by Wednesday at noon. The boundaries of the field of play also reflect the boundaries at work. These behaviors or activities are listed as not acceptable with specific penalties listed for infractions similar to those penalties in a football game.

This book provided a fresh perspective on work and offers managers guidance for keeping employees motivated and treated fairly. The Game of Work - Autobody repair shops - 2 min.


ISBN 13: 9781423601579

About this title Since its original printing in , The Game of Work helped thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of managers and employees experience increased job enjoyment while producing extraordinary results. The Game of Work examines the question of why people work harder at sports and recreation than they do on the job and uses these as metaphors for inspirational leadership strategies. Corporations worldwide have enjoyed the increased productivity, employee satisfaction and motivation, and bottom-line profits by implementing the concepts taught in The Game of Work. As qualified people become increasingly difficult to attract and retain, the implementation of the five principles in this book is the one key factor to improving results, retention, and recruitment. But after work in the parking lot, where it is twenty degrees hotter, they will look at each other say, "Well, what do you think, golf or tennis? Coonradt, president of The Game of Work, LLC, explains what makes people so dedicated to recreational pursuits, and shows how to use that same motivation to win at business.


The Game of Work


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