Feramar Whoever constantly recites the Devi Mahatmya using the Key, surely becomes perfect, a divine attendant, even a celestial singer. Click here to open the mouseover meanings in a new window. Without chanting any Mantras one accomplishes Uccatana eradication of inner enemiesall to its very root by meditating on the Conscious Form of Devi in the heart while reciting the Devi Mahatmyam. He accomplishes Uccatana eradication of inner enemies to the very rootand all related spiritual accomplishmentsThere is no end to the blessings that can be received by the Devi Mahatmya.

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Goddess Jagdambika has thousands of names. These are 10 most famous names of Durga with their meaning. Despite of this, she had 9 other forms which are worshipped during Navratri festival and called NavDurga.

What are the 10 names of Goddess Durga with meanings? It is used during adoration of her to defend against enemies and fear. Recitation of her names gives happiness in life. You can hear the Bhawanyashtkam. Adorers bow the mother Goddess repeatedly in this hymn and do and praise his glory.

If it recited on a daily routine, it can give wealth, health and knowledge and save the devotees from any type of fears and enemy. Anyone should recite this prayer in the guidance of own Guru. Chandika Hridaya Stotra, which can be used for Tantrik purpose. Chandi Kavacham is for protecting soul and positive energy. So the Argala is known as a locking-chain. No need to read Kavacham, Argala, Kilak or Rahasya, and no need to recite Suktam, meditation or Nayasam, only reading of Kunjika Stotra can gives all fruitful results of Durga path.

Actually, Kunjika means the key of Durga-Sapatsati, it means one should recite this before starting worship of her. Then, all deities sung this ode from the sky. After praise, perform the Durga Aarti in the loudest voice. You can Listen the Stotra.

Durga is a form of pure energy who is born by the all deities for saving the world from demon Mahishasur. All deities gave various things, boon and powers to her. What are the best days to worship Jagdamba? Best days for worship her are during Navratri. Ashtami and Chaudash of Shukla Paksha and the night of Dipavali are also the best time for worship. Here are 6 powerful ways for Durga Sadhna.

What is connection of Durga with astrology? Devi Jagdamba is associated with the planet Mercury. If someone has the weak position of Mercury in a horoscope, veneration of her can give relief. Because, weak Mercury is indication of low respect and mind instability. You can like and follow our Facebook page of Goddess Bhawani for updates related to Durga and other religious stuff.

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