He considers his field days behind him and, while an expert on Berlin he grew up there as his father was a highly placed officer there after WWII , he feels he has settled in the middle level, held back by his lack of a university education, while those around him are all Oxbridge types and one upper-class American , with high-powered connections. However, when it comes to light that their best information source in East Berlin may have been compromised, Samson is the only choice to go into the divided city - and, despite his protestations to the contrary - is happy to do so due to his protectiveness toward the network he helped set up and his love of the city in which he had so many formative experiences. In many ways, my expectations were correct. This is not an action thriller.

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Plot summary[ edit ] The time is the early s. Bernard Samson , a former field agent, and now working behind a London desk, is tasked to undertake the crucial rescue. After all, it was Brahms Four who had once, nearly twenty years ago, saved his life. But even before Samson sets out on his mission, he is confronted with undeniable evidence that there is a traitor among his colleagues working for the KGB.

Clearly, it is someone close to the top, close to Samson himself. It could be Dicky Cruyer, his incompetent supervisor - whom Samson despises. In fact, it could be any member of the senior staff at London Central — even the Director-General himself. Bernard travels to East Berlin to assist the escape of Brahms Four, and decides at the last moment to send Brahms Four out in his place.

His suspicions of treachery prove well-founded when he is captured and subsequently confronted by his wife, who had defected and betrayed the operation. While critically acclaimed, the ratings for the series were a disaster.

Other[ edit ] The novel contains an early promulgation of the myth that President John F. It was a joke. A Berliner is a doughnut. The day after President Kennedy made his famous proclamation, Berlin cartoonists had a field day with talking doughnuts.

In the prequel to the trilogy, Winter , Deighton reminded his readers that the views of the characters were not necessarily those of the writer.


Len Deighton

Biography[ edit ] Early life and early career: —[ edit ] Deighton was born in Marylebone , London, on 18 February In she was detained and charged with stealing correspondence between Winston Churchill and Franklin D. While in the RAF he was trained as a photographer, often recording crime scenes as part of his duties. He made sketches to remember some of the steps he undertook.


Berlin Game


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