Dozahn Some clients do not show pictures in thier mails. Only after that it worked. Provide the address, where you would like to receive the newsletter. In other words everything works fine, but the sender does not need to receive the attachments, but I cannot figure out how to turn off that one feature without addstringattachment the attachements that still need to go to the receipient.

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Dourn Castro Roy 3, 11 51 This method can also handle inline objects such as images related to the message body. AddAttachment MethodAddstringattachmetn Object. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Creates an attachment from text string by converting data adrstringattachment to bytes and attaches it to the message.

Inline objects are usually not displayed by email clients in attachment lists. AsUTF8 parameter controls this. I am new to phpmailer and I am able to send emails, emails with attachments, and stringattachments that are. Otherwise, will use the default system encoding for conversion.

Again, if I just change Filename. No need to specify encoding and MIME type — both will be set automatically. Because attachments are binary files series of 8-bit bytes while strings are series of bit wide chars, MailBee needs to know how to convert wide chars of the source string into bytes of the attachment data. Sign up or log in Addstringattaachment up using Google.

Sign up using Facebook. No its not, its a string of text, calling it a pdf does not magically make it one. If this parameter is empty or ommited, Content-Type is taken from filename extension.

If True, will convert the source string into UTF-8 bytes. Please see the note below for details. Nevertheless, base64 encoding is still addsteingattachment after string-to-bytes conversion, no matter what value AsUTF8 is. Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career.

Sign up using Email and Password. After addstfingattachment, attached files are automatically encoded to base64 encoding to comply with MIME requirements. Related Articles



Please refer to the readme file. What does it do? Who needs it? Using Attachments: Sending mails with file attachments: filesystem, database or inline. Support: Where do I get help? PHP has a built-in mail function. So why use PHPMailer?


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