Anjili chakka Artocarpus hirsutus is a tropical evergreen tree species. Aini Anjili is a tall evergreen tree,generally m in height and up to 5 m in girth, fruits are edible, bright yellow, ovoid or globosem covered with spines, seeds ovoid and white. Tree is almost as strong as teak and has advantage of lightness. In west Coast, it is used for all purposes for which teak is employed, for boat and shipbuilding, construction works, furniture and for agricultural implements.

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Quote from: Triphal on July 27, , PM Artocarpus hirsutis: Not seen growing in beyond 16 degrees latitude in the Southern coastal and adjoining plateau of tropical India. It will not tolerate less than 60 degrees F. It was a non cultivated tree found wild in the woods and forests. Propagated by the wildlife mainly by bats, monkeys, squirrels and birds.

The unripe fruit is green and is skinned and boiled and preserved in brine for later usage in some kind of curries. In your zone 9a you have to build a huge green house with regulated high temperature and humidity throughout the year.. About 6 years ago while I was visiting India I carefully dug up a 9" seedling from under one of our big A h tree and transplanted about feet or so from the river bank salty backwater in our family estate.

It is about 7 to 8 feet tall in last March I saw it. I will be a centenarian then! Will find out soon during my next visit what happened. Good luck Signor. It is slow growing, indeed. Since the last update 1 month ago it has grown probably another 5cm and is around cm top grower now, against 45cm of a jackfruit in 1 month top grower.

Wild Jack Fruit seeds Artocarpus hirsutus Hari, Can you comment on this?


Anjili Tree – Artocarpus Hirsutus Tree

Artocarpus hirsutus Lam. Syn: Artocarpus pubescens Willd. If you mean Artocarpus incisa or Monstera deliciosa by bread fruit- I think there leaves are quite different than the one posted by Moreover, I am yet to see a bread fruit of that colour. I think it appears more like Artocarpus hirsutus.

IEC 60027-2 PDF

Artocarpus hirsutus

Description[ edit ] All Artocarpus species are laticiferous trees or shrubs that are composed of leaves, twigs and stems capable of producing a milky sap. The fauna type is monoecious and produces unisexual flowers ; furthermore, both sexes are present within the same plant. The plants produce small, greenish, female flowers that grow on short, fleshy spikes. Following pollination, the flowers grow into a syncarpous fruit , and these are capable of growing into very large sizes. The stipulated leaves vary from small and entire Artocarpus integer to large and lobed Artocarpus altilis , with the cordate leaves of the species A.


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