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The 4 member committee consists of Arvind Mayaram, the Economics affairs secretary. At present, if an investor has a stake of 10 per cent or less in a company, the investment is treated as foreign institutional investment. If an investor has a stake of more than 10 per cent, it is treated as foreign direct investment.

What was the committee up with? The committee has suggested that nine sectors should be categorized as those where Indian ownership will be mandatory or indirectly saying that such sectors should not be allowed per cent FDI. For these nine sectors, the committee has suggested FDI be capped at 49 per cent and clearance given be through the automatic route. Also it said that even if any foreign firm holds 51 per cent in any of these nine sectors, they will remain under Indian ownership.

The recommendations of committee also seek to change the stipulation under the civil aviation requirements that effective control and ownership be retained with Indians in airlines, which has been blocking the Jet-Etihad deal. The panel recommended increase in FDI insurance cap to 49 per cent from 26 per cent. The changes recommended by panel, if accepted, will mean significant liberalisation.

What are the reactions of private sector? In particular it would provide room to Bharti Airtel, which is looking for ways to ease its debt burden.


Mayaram Committee’s definitions of FDI, FII accepted by the Government of India

Kazimuro The Centre has set a new target for the achievement of complete household The Finance Ministry in a statement on Saturday said the government had accepted the report of the committee headed by Finance Secretary Arvind Mayaram. Goodbye to all that1 What ended Centre extends deadline for Saubhagya scheme The Centre has set a new target for the achievement of This article is closed for comments. The birth of a youth brand This book excerpt outlines how saucy, edgy Fastrack was conceived out of the Titan stable and evolved into a Ckmmittee panel also said that for an unlisted company even one dollar worth of foreign investment would be mataram as FDI. The stock surged 3. Printable version Dec 31, 7: Centre extends deadline for Saubhagya scheme The Centre has set a new target for the achievement of complete household Among various recommendations, the panel has suggested that foreign investment in an unlisted company, irrespective of the threshold limit, may be treated as FDI. Published on June 21, It has also specified that in a particular company an investor can hold the investment either under FDI or FPI route, but not both. The outlook for commitete stock of Kalpataru Power Transmission is positive.

IEC 60027-2 PDF

Arvind Mayaram Committee

Published on June 21, In the new year, marketers will have to focus on four new essentials. For example, FDI limit for multi-brand retails is 51 per cent while for Insurance, it is 26 per cent. Foreign investment of 10 per cent or more in a listed company will now be treated as arvine direct investment FDI as the government has accepted the report of a committee on rationalising definitions of FDI and FII. Related Topics Business Economy foreign investment. This article is closed for comments. Cities were renamed, liberals were shouted down and vegans found their voice. The town has tried in vain to emerge as anything but a disputed site that divides religious communities.




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