Branris It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. If the back re? Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. A curve is then plotted showing the deviations from the above established 2: Close this window and log in.

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Current edition approved Nov. Published December Originally approved in Box , Arlingate Ln. No further reproductions authorized.

NOTE 1Indications occurring midway between the initial pulse and the first back reflection may cause a second reflection at the location of the first back reflection.

When this condition is observed it shall be investigated additionally by use of multiple back reflections. Where parallel path scanning is performed and recordable conditions as in 6. The true boundaries where these conditions exist shall be established in either method by the following technique: Move the transducer away from the center of the discontinuity until the height of the back reflection and discontinuity indications are equal. Mark the plate at a point equivalent to the center of the transducer.

Repeat the operation to establish the boundary. Procedure 5. This may involve suitable means of scale removal at the manufacturers option. Condition local rough surfaces by grinding. Restore any specified identification which is removed when grinding to achieve proper surface smoothness. Use a suitable couplant such as water, soluble oil, or glycerin. As a result of the test by this method, the surface of plates may be expected to have a residue of oil or rust or both.

When testing plates less than 34 in. Thickness, grain size or microstructure of the material and nature of the equipment or method may require a higher or lower test frequency. Use the transducers at their rated frequency. A clean, easily interpreted trace pattern should be produced during the examination. Measure the lines from the center or one corner of the plate with an additional path within 2 in. Minor sensitivity adjustments may be made to accommodate for surface roughness.

Maintain this instrument setting during evaluation of the discontinuity condition. Acceptance StandardLevel A 7. Acceptance StandardsLevel B 8. Acceptance StandardLevel C 9.


ASTM A578 - 07.pdf

More A The amplitude linearity of the apparatus to be used shall be checked by positioning the transducer over the depth resolution notch in the IIW or similar block. The inspection shall be performed in an area free of operations that interfere with proper performance of the test. The test shall be performed either by direct contact, immersion, or liquid column coupling. Grid scanning shall be conducted along a continuous perpendicular line on the center. All discontinuities causing complete loss of reflection shall be recorded. This abstract is a brief summary of the referenced standard.


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