Note the translator updated his blog with an update for vol7 c8 last monthish? Oh right, I forgot Tohka means April 10th. Do I have to do something to join the group??? Onizuka-GTO will check that. The Table of Contents may not z you unless you expand its section by clicking one of the boxes below.

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Tygobei Is there an estimation when will it be finished? Volume 4 hold some of the most important event tsuik this series: Is it all right if I just make one and request to join?

I really appreciate your hard work and I know, that it takes considerable time, but I would like to ask one thing. I originally was planning to do that, but the official English romanization dage it as Tohka so I chose to follow what the author decided. No matter how delicious this is, I really am at my limit. And then, Kurumi who was wearing the cat ears and apron, took the next set of clothing.

If it is LOST should at least be bracketed. I use shidou because Shido makes it seem as if she says the name shorter Do you now where i can read all chapters of Date A Live Encore in english? They are starting to do the S2 directors cut which at first i never knew existed. Onizuka-GTO will stuki that. I really enjoy the series. Is somebody currently working on chapters 3 and Epilogue? Please either enable it in your browser options, or visit your preferences to switch to the old MediaWiki editor.

You can write your favourite word, what do you wish to write? It was a livw that had the Gothic Lolita style that Kurumi usually wears. When her bangs swayed while she walks, the left eye that had a clock-like pattern could be glimpsed. Login to add items to your list, keep track of your progress, and rate series! TOP 10 Related.

ABB PSR9-600-70 PDF

NOVEL: Date a Live

Caps will also depend on how the word is used. Please wait here for a while. Do I have to do something to join the group??? There was a feeling of danger. Really now, why do I have to come to this sort llve place.



It seems weird and make no sense in term of English. Have you constantly spend sleepless nights by yourself thinking about Yoshino? Damn, I probably have become too used to it or because I have watched a lot of other shows with a much higher degree of Ecchi that I never longer consider DAL as an Ecchi show. Looking at Tohka, Shidou and Yoshino looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

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