What Is DD Form ? DD Form , Contract Security Classification Specification is a form used to administer handling procedures for classified information, received or created on a basis of a classified contract. The form provides the contractor with security requirements and classification guidance required for completing a contract or agreement requiring access to the regulated material. An up-to-date DD fillable form is available for download below or can found on the Executive Services Directorate website. Throughout the time of the contract, the DD form is reviewed every two years to assure that all the security requirements are adequate and relevant.

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The DD Form is a resource for providing security requirements and classification guidance to a contractor. The DD Form is a U. If the contract is with non-US Industry foreign governments, cleared foreign companies or international organizations additional guidance is on a case-by-case basis. The Industrial Security Implementing Agreement to the General Security of Military Information Agreement is the overarching authority for the bilateral protection of classified information with foreign governments.

Any guidance provided to contractors to explain protection requirements for classified information exchanged under bilateral agreements must be conveyed through security contract clauses, and not a DD Form The DD Form provides the contractor or a subcontractor security requirements and the classification guidance that is necessary to execute a classified contract.

The program and ISS recognizes the security requirements that the contractor will need to follow. The DD Form is required to be reviewed every two years. The program and ISS should conduct this review in coordination with the program manager of the requiring activity and contracting office to ensure that existing security requirements are consistent with the contract requirements. If the review is performed and no changes are required, the program and ISS will provide the Contracting Office with a copy of the review.

The Contracting Office will then send to the contractor, in writing, notification that the DD Form remains valid until the next review or a change occurs in the program. If the review is performed and changes are required the program and ISS must provide the Contracting Office with a revised copy. The Contracting Office will then prepare a bi-lateral modification to the contract incorporating the new DD Form Revisions to the DD Form will be completed whenever the security guidance or pertinent information changes, or when a change in mission occurs impacting the contract, to ensure security requirements remain current and relevant throughout the contract lifecycle.

This includes contractor address changes if they are performing classified work at their facility.


Preparing the DD Form 254 IS128.16






DD Form 254 "Contract Security Classification Specification"


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