Provides a smoother, more natural vocal range compared to single 8" to 12" woofers. Maximum SPL calculated from sensitivity and power handling specifications, exclusive of power compression. The 15" mm woofer shall be loaded in a tapered transmissionline enclosure to reduce resonant peaks and port-turbulence noise. An internal filter network with crossover frequencies of Hz and Hz shall allow passive or bi-amp operation. In passive mode, the system shall handle watts of amplifier power IEC pink noise, 6 dB crest factor, for hours and have a nominal input impedance of 8 ohms. The trapezoidal enclosure shall be constructed of void-free, Baltic birch plywood with extensive internal bracing.

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Bose and Mood Media worked to ensure the audio-visual technology in the Sir David Wallace Sports Hall was superb in terms of quality and sound delivery The facilities management team at Loughborough University had often hired a sound system for occasions when they needed to deliver speeches or make announcements in the Sports Hall.

This year the decision was made to install a permanent system that would perform on Graduation Day, but was dual purpose and could also become the audio system for general sports hall activities and events throughout the year. In-store media provider and Bose Pro Partner, Mood Media, was brought in to assist with specifying and installing a system that would be flexible, reliable and would deliver the WOW!

Following a full day of audio measurements and reverberation tests in the sports hall, Bose engineers used Bose Modeler software to create an audio design using the most appropriate loudspeakers for the project. It required products that would perform equally well when the hall was carpeted and full of people on Graduation Day, as on days when hard surfaces were exposed during sporting events.

The Modeler software enabled the audio designers to dramatically reduce the reverberation issues in such a large space. For Graduation Day and other audience events, all six LT loudspeakers are in use, whilst for sporting events, the facilities management team can select a combination of speakers from left, centre and right sections.

All six loudspeakers are flown from the main roof structural girdars, offering the university significant cost savings when compared with a multi-speaker option.

The ESP system electronics allow for future expansion to accommodate additional audio zones if required. The Facilities Management Engineer in charge of the project for Loughborough University is delighted with the result.


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LT 6400 WR Mid/High Loudspeaker Technical Data Sheet



BoseĀ® LT Graduates at Loughborough University


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