Salar He was born in Andernach, Germany, to an American soldier father and a German mother inand brought to the United States at the age of three. I keep hearing noises in the environment, she phones, I thought it was you. Help Center Find new research papers in: I hope the artists are still proud of me but they never came back again. I told them all to get out and she started hollering down to the guy who had beat on the fag and he kept calling her name back up and then I remembered she had vanished for an hour before the reading. I know I went mad, almost as an act flxme theory: In the evening, if I brought him a little sheaf of poems, his mood would be better.

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The reader might wonder what happened to the years , since the author once did vanish literally from to But not this time. The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over The Hills Black Sparrow Press, contains the poems from late and most of , plus selections from five early chapbooks not covered by the first three sections of this book.

So, for my critics, readers, friends, enemies, ex-lovers and new lovers, the present volume along with Days and Mockingbird contain what I like to consider my best work written over the past nineteen years. Each of these sections brings back special memories. The editor first had to check me out to see if I was a decent human being.

Catching the train at the Union Station just below the Terminal Annex of the Post Office where I worked for Uncle Sam, I sat in the bar car and drank scotch and water and sped toward New Orleans to be judged and measured by an ex-con who owned an ancient printing press. Soon they were both in Los Angeles with their two dogs in a green hotel just off skid row. Drink and talk. I was still a bastard. Much leaving and waving through train windows.

Louise cried through the glass. It Catches was published… The bulk of the poems in Crucifix In A Deathhand were written during one very hot, lyrical month in New Orleans in the year I had gone into a slump or a blackout after the publication of It Catches, and Jon and Louise had brought me back down to New Orleans. I would go back to my place and awaken about a. I could see him through the window, calm, cool, hardly hungover at all, humming, and feeding pages of Crucifi x into the press.

One had to be careful: feeding poems into a waiting press can easily dissolve into journalism. In the evening, if I brought him a little sheaf of poems, his mood would be better.

So I kept writing poems. There were 7-and-one-half foot stacks of pages everywhere. Very carefully we moved between them. The bathtub had been useful but the bed was in the way. So Jon built a little loft out of discarded lumber. Plus a stairway. And Jon and Louise slept up there on a mattress and the bed was given away. There was more floor space to stack the pages.

I am going crazy! The roaches circled and we drank and the press gulped my poems. That is, John took the pills and I took the pills and drank, and we both talked. John was then in the habit of taping everything, whether it was good or bad, dull or interesting, worthless or useful.

We would listen to our conversations the next day, and it was a worthwhile process, at least for me. I realized how oafish and overbearing and off-target I often was, at least when I was high. At one time during these tapings John asked that I bring over some poems and read them. I did. And left the poems there and forgot about them. The poems were thrown out with the garbage.

Months passed. One day Thomas phoned me. At this time a balding red-haired man with a high, scrubbed forehead, meticulous and kind, with a very faint, perpetual grin was coming by. He worked as the manager of an office furniture and supply company and was a collector of rare books. His name was John Martin. He had published some of my poems as broadsides. He wrote me out checks as I sat in my kitchen across from him, drinking beer and signing the broadsides.

I showed John Martin the poems Thomas had typed off the tape for me. Looking at these poems written between and I like for one reason or another the last poems best. I am pleased with this. Meanwhile, the poems that follow will have to do.


Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame Quotes






Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame: Selected Poems 1955-1973



Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame


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