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Get In Touch! High Capacity System Preformance Gigabit business and residential services achievable with Calix GPON infrastructure; allowing operators to spend more time on revenue generating services. GPON is the next generation solution for meeting the fast growing bandwidth demand in the network market. The internet access speed has massively increased for keeping pace with the demand of the new services and bandwidth hungry applications.

The brand new technologies are being adopted for supporting the current needs of the bandwidth. It is a widely used single shared optical fiber that is capable of supporting multiple users by using the inexpensive passive optical splitters. You can share a single fiber connection to the OLT. There is no need for any active equipment to use in the access network so problems such as electromagnetic interference or lighting is not going to be there You will enjoy using this technology without the need to many equipment or even fiber Calix GPON are telco-grade system designed for reliable connectivity in mind for mass market or multi-tenants unit deployment.

It has twice the bandwidth as the downstream speed. It also capable of supporting twice the plot ratio. Using the 64 way split each of the Calix GPON subscriber is going to be receiving an awesome bandwidth connection of 35 Mbps. In case the service provider chooses to use lower spilt ratio even then the subscribers are going to enjoy more bandwidth.

What more can you wish for? It is fully available because of the improved bandwidth efficiency. GPON is basically designed for providing the triple play services it is not simply about providing high speed internet. GPON has a widely accepted inter-operability standard.

This is important to consider when driving down the equipment cost. Even the service providers will be able to deliver the most profitable GPON services to their subscribers. There will be a boost in the performance of the PON networks will go up to 10 Gbps when you are maintaining the backward compatibility by using the already deployed GPON networks. You will enjoy high speed line great split ratio and the support for the triple play services will let you combine and offer maximum flexibility and the cost advantages for the deployments.

There is no doubt in the fact that with the current and future demands for the internet access bandwidth, you can employ the extensive deployment of the FTTH technologies. You will have access to the flexibility and cost advantages from GoldForest Network.

If you think Calix GPON is best to your solution, then simply contact us by filling-up the Form and we will be glad to deploy your next project!

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Calix GPON

OSA is our preferred contractor because they absolutely smash everyone else with their service. Frank Kleemann, DirectorFairview Electrical While most suppliers only supply cable in standard lengths, OSA always supply us with the exact length we require, delivered where we want it, and always within the time frame that we need it. The team has a great attention to detail and their customer service is second to none. They constantly follow up on all transactions, whether large or small. All of the OSA staff have technical expertise and they provide us with any tech support we need if we have questions from our clients. No matter how urgent or oddball the request, OSA always deliver. OSA are extremely flexible, their range is extensive, they keep a lot of gear in stock.


GPON: Gigabit Passive Optical Network for FTTx

Calix has crafted this brief FAQ to help the uninitiated get more familiar with this leading fiber access technology. What is GPON? Gigabit Passive Optical Network GPON is the leading fiber access technology for delivering gigabit Internet services to residential and business subscribers. Why is GPON used? GPON is the most fiber-efficient option for FTTH networks, providing a cost-effective method to deliver streaming video content and online applications with seemingly limitless bandwidth. As copper loops age the amount of cost associated with maintaining the copper continues to increase.



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