After months of painstaking research, you decided to break open your piggy bank for that pair of high-end headphones that you have been dreaming of. But to your greatest dismay, the sound quality was well below your expectation. This was unlike the reviews that you read religiously from headphones-related forums. Not giving in, you dug in and did further readings. You found out that this pair of headphones you bought is actually a high impedance pair. Impedance is a measure of how much something resists electrical current.

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It only use a 9v battery to drive this headphone amplifier, and it sound excellent! To diy this cmoy headphone amplifier is extremely easy and simple, it only take less then a day to complete.

A step by step guide to build a headphone amplifier. It sound wonder with Ipod. Print and bring this out with you when you go to the radio shack to get this component.

Step 2 Mark out the center ground. Step 3 Solder the battery clip wire on to the PCB board as shown above. Step 4 Solder the Power Led onto the board as shown above. Add R6 Resistor 10k Ohm as shown above. Step 5 As you can see on the picture above, the green line indicate that we have to solder and connect hole 4 to 5 to 6. On the other side we have to solder hole 9 to 10 to There are 2 type of joining the green line, for beginner I will suggest you to use type "A".

Type "B" need more stable hand but less of trouble to cut the left over wire from resistor or capacitor. This is what you should have by now Step 6 Mount the R1 4. Solder the green line shown above. Step 7 Mount C1 uF 16v Capacitor. Solder the green line as shown above. Step 8.


CMOY Headphone Amplifier

My biggest concern is possible headphone damage if you ignore the warning signs bad sound and run mismatched batteries too low see the original Cmoy article. This design also has some DC offset issues and higher distortion than I would like to see into low impedances. But, overall, this amp is a relative bargain for headphones around 50 ohms and higher. This amp generally matches the bargain FiiO E5 into lower impedance loads but this Cmoy is capable of much higher output voltages for driving higher impedance cans properly. The E5 struggles, for example, with the HDs but this Cmoy handles them easily.


CMoy Amp Kit- A DIY headphone amplifier kit

Well you need a headphone amplifier to drive those expensive cans hard and clean. Grado makes a fine looking headphone amp in a mahogany box, the Grado RA1. I really liked the idea and look of a wooden enclosure and I wanted a timber boxed "quality" headphone amp. I call my headphone amp the GWado. The input caps are locally available 0. The power supply caps are uF low ESR. A gold plated machined socket is used, this way I can easily upgrade the op-amp.

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