Variants[ edit ] There are many variants of this tale. In some versions of the tale the she-mouse is seduced by the answer of the cat , who sweetly meows when asked what he will do at night. In this version the she-mouse marries the cat and she is usually eaten by the cat at the wedding night, though not always. Other variants have a third part in which the he-mouse falls into a broth and dies, and even there is a fourth part, in which all the friends of the she-mouse harm themselves somehow describing their actions with a jingle, because they feel sorry for her. Each of these characters increase the seriousness of their self-destructive actions, singing a different jingle, but with parallelisms with the previous one.

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Well, at least they are in this production, presented in an easy-to-understand mix of Spanish and English by Teatro SEA, which specializes in Latino theater for children. The heroine of the show, is a tiny cutie who is nonetheless much bigger than anything scurrying around your basement. Recommended for Pre-K and up. Edgar Mozoub The tale of La Cucarachita Martina originated as an oral tradition and was later adapted to literary form.

The story is very powerful, and permeates many borders, making its mark on many cultures. Martina is a little roach who dreams of finding the love of her life. One day, while sweeping her backyard, she finds a penny. Thinking about what she should buy with her new penny, she decides to buy some makeup to make herself pretty. Martina is visited by a number of potential suitors, but when she meets Mr. Perez, she falls in love with him right away. They get married in a great big celebration.

All the little insects attended the party. Cucarachita Martina and little Mr. Perez lived happily ever after. Campos was a member of the Polifonico Angelus Choir for 18 years which won various national and international awards. In she received first place in the Peruvian Criolla Music festival. She is part of SEA since Hector Palacios Actor and Director. He began his career in in Colombia, his native country, working with groups such as El Tecal and La Mama, and in the United States, he has worked in various independent films.

Samuel Garnica Venezuelan actor, singer, and voice-over artist. A graduate from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy, his work in puppetry, acting, and event entertainment have allowed him to perform on national television, and on stage all over the NYC area.

In addition to performing, Chris has designed and built puppets for many film and stage productions. Edgar Mozoub J. He has worked as an actor with different local companies since with important directors such as Victoria Espinoza and Pablo Cabrera.

Manuel A. He is originally from Puerto Rico. He holds a B. Perhaps most notably, Dr. Website Teatro Sea SEA was founded in , to create and to promote the performing arts, showcase the talents of young Latino playwrights, actors, directors and designers. Currently, SEA serves more than 75, audience members per year. All of these productions are original and feature new music, sets, costumes, and puppetry.


The Vain Little Mouse



La Cucarachita Martina


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