Legal background[ edit ] The th article of the Mexican Constitution states that most high-level elected officials cannot be prosecuted for criminal offenses while in office without a simple majority vote of the Chamber of Deputies stating there are grounds for prosecution. This privilege is usually confused with the freedom of speech protection granted to members of congress by the 61st article, known as fuero from Latin forum , the process to strip it is known as desafuero. Since immunity from criminal prosecution is almost universally confused with the fuero, both terms will be used interchangeably. If it votes in favor, the official can be prosecuted.

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Becerra school, named after the poet of the same name. In the afternoons he helped his parents at the La Posadita store. He returned to school to complete his education after having held several positions within the government of Tabasco and the administration of the Institutional Revolutionary Party PRI.

There was empathy between the two because the young man raised his concern for the Chontal Maya. After their meeting, the poet invited him to his campaign to obtain a seat in the Senate during the elections. Louis Cardinals. In , he ran for the governorship of Tabasco, but lost to PRI candidate Roberto Madrazo in a highly controversial election[ according to whom?

Head of Government of the Federal District — Election On 2 July , he was elected Head of Government of the Federal District —a position akin to that of city mayor for the national capital district —with New high-density condos emerged in the upscale neighborhoods of Polanco and Lomas. The misdemeanor against Obrador was a failure to order the cessation of the construction of a private hospital on land illegally expropriated by Rosario Robles who preceded Obrador as Head of Government of the Federal District under the Ernesto Zedillo government.

Under federal law, any person with criminal charges during the electoral process would not be eligible to run in a presidential election. His political opponents came to his defense, arguing that he should be subject to the same judicial process as anyone else. President Vicente Fox , wanting to avoid a political cataclysm, and knowing that the decision made by Congress was against the will of millions of people, [61] appeared on national TV in April , indicating that the issue would not be pursued any further.

Until March he was considered the presidential front runner by the majority of polls; however, polls in late April showed a decline in his numbers. President Franklin D. Roosevelt as inspiration for his 50 commitments.

The PRD said that both parties entered into an information sharing agreement regarding the issue. On 6 July , the Federal Electoral Institute IFE announced the final vote count in the presidential election , resulting in a narrow margin of 0.


Juicio de desafuero



El discurso que seguramente todo AMLOver amará



Desafuero of Andrés Manuel López Obrador


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