Slightly awkward. Anyways, moving on from that. The story line was good, mainly cause it was based in China. The only bother I had was the random chinese character.

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Slightly awkward. Anyways, moving on from that. The story line was good, mainly cause it was based in China. The only bother I had was the random chinese character. Read this, but warning it is rather long and the story got tedious at times, although 2 days was basically what I needed, with very random intervals of reading.

SO okay read. I was a bit disappointed with She instead utilized a sort of prologue or introduction that was short and also ended on some mysterious notes. For example, she mentions the misogyny in the very last paragraph. Obviously, this is supposed to be meaningful—and it is—as Eon herself is actually a girl. I just love how smoothly that flowed. She gives you the premise, and so you enter the gates. The whole ideas of Dragoneyes and the whole ceremony—all of that was really, really interesting.

I like how she starts the first chapter with action, when Eon is practicing for the sword ceremony. This whole world that she creates, it teaches me some things. For one, it taught me about the queue, which was an actual hairstyle for the Manchu people of China, a very long time ago. But it also implies that there is no black and white in the world we live in, not the world in Eon, not the world today.

Eon has committed crimes, she has. So has Kygo. Yet I still liked Eon, though because she seemed more real to me. She made mistakes. And since the book is written in her first-person perspective, I naturally lean towards her side. I love when she begins to have a tentative friendship with Prince Kygo, too.

She grows more honest with him. I feel like this book began to bring to light some things for me that had been vague at the time I read it.


Eon: Dragoneye Reborn

Dragoneyes are the human links to the twelve dragons of good fortune, who provide energy to the earth. However, circumstance does not favour Eon; he is a cripple and despised by the trainers and other candidates for the ceremony. They believe his disability embodies bad luck and try to distance themselves, all except a boy named Dillon who is also bullied for his small size. This feat is almost unheard of and they pray that the ascending dragon this cycle, who is the Keeper of Ambition, will be drawn by the enormous power demonstrated. However, Eon has a dark secret unbeknownst to all but himself and his master; he is actually Eona, a sixteen-year-old girl who has been living a lie in order for the chance to become a Dragoneye. It is forbidden for females to practice the Dragon Magic; this is due to common belief that the female eye, so practised in looking at itself, cannot see other things in life with true clarity. The choosing day comes all too quickly and the corrupted Rat Dragoneye, Lord Ido, has seized dominance over the council.


Eon: Dragoneye Reborn (2008)



[PDF] Eon: Dragoneye Reborn Book by Alison Goodman Free Download (531 pages)


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