Generally, designated employers are required to provide these reports to the DoL once a year. Section 27 of the EEA deals with income differentials and employers must submit a report on "remuneration and benefits received in each occupational category and level of that employers workforce". The report is known as the Income Differential Statement. A recent amendment to these regulations has changed the EEA4 form.

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The new form became effective on 8 August The EEA4 form generally contains the format for reporting income differentials to the Employment Conditions Commission. The Department of Labour stated that the old form is ineffective. The main purpose of the new form is to enable companies to analyse salary information pertaining to employment equity more diligently and provide reasons for income differentials to reduce the remuneration gap between the highest and lowest paid employees.

Section D requires the remuneration of the employee with the highest total remuneration, i. Reporting on variable annualised salaries per occupational level, race and gender. Reporting on whether an organisation has a policy in place which addresses and closes the vertical gap between the highest and lowest paid employees.

Reporting on whether the remuneration gap between the highest and lowest paid employees in an organisation is aligned with remuneration policy.

Employers are required to complete the EEA4 form and submit it with the EEA2 form when they complete their employment equity reports. The report can be submitted between 1 September and 15 January To view the Government Gazette containing the new form, follow the link , selecting Labour under Separate Gazettes. All Rights Reserved.

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EEA4 Form - Income Differential Statement


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