Hala ere, esateko asko du 31 urteko filosofo zarauztar honek. Hantxe elkarrizketatu dugu. Euskal Herritik kanpora joan behar da derrigorrez curriculuma egitera? Kontua da irakaskuntza munduan Euskal Herrian ez dela lanposturik sortzen; filosofia arloan ez, behitzat. Eta hortik bizi nahi baduzu, ikerketa egitera behartuta zaudela.

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This entry has no external links. On one hand, Whiteness could be as immaterial as other Forms and it would not necessarily have to be white. Barry Maund — — Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

Ekai Txapartegi — — Elenchos: Ekai Txapartegi — — Elenchos 30 2: Ac- cording to it, the hidden natural essences of colors, the specific flames, are chromatic Forms. Colors and Eaki Forms. It is difficult to pinpoint any significant contribution. History of Western Philosophy. Quite the opposite, we are encouraged to believe that Plato thought of whiteness and white as two ontologically distinguishable entities, each of which performs its own distinguish- able function, as we might also understand.

Margaret Atherton — — Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 67 1: Whiteness and White As far as we know, Plato never offered an argument supporting the existence of chromatic Forms 2.

Withal, this interpretation collides with the standard theory of Forms. Sign in to use this feature. Theaetetus, Oxfordpp. In particular, I try to show that the naturalistic eoai tation does not hinge on the existence or otherwise of chromatic Forms. In this situation, the txaoartegi natural conclusion seems to However, see his proviso in J.

But how is this compatible with the naturalistic view of colors being flames Tim. Don Dedrick — — Philosophy of Science Supplement 3 3: It will simply be an unnoticed efflux streamed off from some objects, which is causally responsible for our seeing those objects as white.

Perceptual Qualities in Philosophy of Mind. Hagit Benbaji — — Metaphilosophy 44 5: In any case, we got the impression that naturalist interpretations are not compatible eki the standard way of understanding Txapartrgi. These considerations tend to become too troublesome on their own, as Plato was well aware 11, and it is hard to believe that he never failed to prioritize the metaphysical considera- tions over the rest.

Sign in Create an account. Toward an Ecological Phenomenology. Also, this would make the ontol- ogy of real colors semantically consistent with our ordinary attributive practices. No keywords specified fix it. This article has no associated abstract. This interpretation offers substantial advantages over the previous one. If whiteness were a Form, this would exhibit a unique and rare case where a Form is causally interacting with a material object the visual flux to create another material object the color white.

Michael Watkins — Thus, whiteness is acknowledged as an unknown type of flame that is causally responsible for our seeing as white the objects that emit them 6. Rediscovering Colors a Study in Pollyanna Realism. For instance, they could argue back that the above argument misses the point because the standard theory of Forms would not be redun- dant regarding color Forms.

Ekai Txapartegi, Rediscovering Colors — PhilPapers This distinction is important because whiteness appears to be the Form of white, therefore suggesting an implicit assertion of the existence of eai Forms. As I have just explained how- ever, this view implies a deflationary understanding of Forms. Request removal from index. Remember me on this computer. For instance, if whiteness is a Form, it should be white, but clearly Plato describes all Forms as colorless Phaedr.

The price that the primitivist had to pay is that, since chromatic Forms will be colored, it will openly contradict the thesis of the Phae- drus, which states that all Forms are colorless. This identity between colors and their corresponding flames is the cornerstone of the naturalistic interpretation. Most Related.


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