Use this setup only after you have explored all the sonic possibilities of WarpFactory because cueing is not possible. The advantage of this setup is that no additional formant input is necessary. Could be cool for blending vocals and recorded music. Log in Become a member. But it has a lot of other tricks up its sleeve.

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It is rack mountable and will take up two spaces in a traditional rack casing. However, after playing with it for a little while I felt that I could get the hang of it pretty well. The warp section has parameters for gender, Q bandwidth , order, pitch, robot punch, effect mix, and a slew of buttons as well including for format freeze. It offers up a ton of control, and in general the tones sound clear and of course vocoded!

You can absolutely make your voice sound like a robot with this box! It is quite powerful, especially because it has so many different parameters to work with. You can actually use it with any instrument, not just a voice, which is cool, but of course the best use with the Electrix Warp Factory will always be with a voice as this is what it is designed for However, Electrix usually has pretty good prices for their gear while still maintaining a very high quality.

The bottom line with the Warp Factory is that if you are looking for a vocoder in a piece of outboard gear, definitely do not decide on one until you check out this one!

Did you find this review helpful? No need to be an engineer or polytechnic as some textbooks. This is a vocoder numrique everything from classic, see other reviews for more dtails techniques. I noticed that the hill of this small rack freindly continues to collapse, and why? Well simply that someone would leave a notice DPOS prsager vocoder that is void APRs have been busy exploring I can tell you, this is not the case, it is limited but it has its charm is him!

The reason for the warp factory possde do not have a lot of grain in low and high registers. In addition, it must be rgler levels forming source and if the sound is really ugly. As a source this time I sent her a string of attacks with trs typ cr low from a bit sampler roland s , sound more normment me, tr s subtle, almost approaching a vintage vocoder on some points.

Since I apprcie much. So if your goal and adding some parts of vocoder voices on some of your songs, may be good, especially for its price minuscule compared the services it provides.

Worthy of the th, I would sell mine, now I care!


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