In the s when I was a kid, the people in the Armed Forces were virtual oddities to most Americans. The two societies were quite distinct and had little in common on the surface -- yet, those serving came from that greater civil society and reflected it quite well. WW II of course changed that -- not necessarily forever They have transmitted that worry to the ever larger population of tertiary students. It has always fascinated me that coterie is first to call for some form of citizen service -- explicitly including the military for some -- but themselves would did? Most would go to equally great lengths to insure that if their children had to serve, it would not be in uniform.

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Mikalmaran The use and maintenance skklls the M8 alarm is the responsibility of the unit NBC defense team. It was, for people in Zkills Guard combat units, an achievable thing to accomplish, in a way that getting sent to Airborne or Ranger schooling, was not. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. For example, a green uniform will contrast with snow-covered terrain. This may be an existing hole, a hastily dug prone shelter, or a well-prepared position with overhead cover.

Positions must not be where the enemy expects to find them. Also, sandbags may be needed on each tripod leg to keep it from moving. FM Chptr 7 Communications If possible, natural concealment should not be disturbed.

If you do not recog- nize an item of equipment or a type of vehicle, sketch it and submit the sketch with the report. They create a disease hazard where none exists naturally. Save the soldker for camouflage.

You may have to fight in any part of the world and in all types of terrain. Use germicidal soap if available. There used to be a two-week course taught at Ft. When going into a prone position, use the following techniques: During such lulls, exercise. The best pressure points of the Dody to use in stopping arterial bleeding are shown in the following illustration.

If clothing and sleeping gear cannot be washed or exchanged, shake them and air them regularly in the sun. Try to confirm that information by some other means. They are meant to kill or injure you and are released to cover large areas.

Regardless of the size of the elements, the action is still fire and movement. Repeat this procedure once every 5 seconds until the casualty exhales. It is conducted either to close with and destroy the enemy, or to move away from the enemy so as to break contact with him. Set the channel position 0 through 9 your leader will tell you which channel to use. Put it 2 to 4 inches above the wound, not over it. The dirt from the hole can also be used to build that cover, which protects against indirect fire that bursts overhead or to the flanks and rear of the position.

Segregate PWs into groups by sex and into subgroups such as enlisted personnel, civilians, and political figures. Make sure the ground at the bottom of the hole is solid enough soldief support the mine when pressure is applied to the pressure plate. The term hasty does not mean that there is no digging. They may be dispersed as sprays by — or delivered by explosives, bomblets, missiles, and aircraft.

FROM The originator of this massage is indicated by the address designator immediately following. You must enter combat with absolute confidence in your ability to do your job. The cover should fit loosely with the flaps folded under the helmet or left hanging. There are lulls in combat when you will not be active. For example, a BRDM may indi- cate a reconnaissance unit. Also, lay them at road crossings where trenches solsier De dug, if culverts or bridges are not available.

They may also be spread by the release of germ-carrying flies, mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks. Leave the stock of the rifle on the rear stake. As suggested by a reader. Dig your compartment large enough for you and your equipment. When your position has overhead cover across its center, dig a storage compartment in the bottom of the back wall. However, you must make some changes in the positions.

As the need grows to talk over greater distances and to more units, the size and complexity of radios are increased. Keep the casualty warm. When you give arm-and-hand signals or walk about your position, your movement can be seen by the naked eye at long ranges. For water drainage, slope the floor of the hole toward the grenade sumps. Related Posts.


The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Combat Skills: FM 3-21.75








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