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This can be a major benefit, since a DM can learn all they need to know about the Vale setting quickly, without having to handle the baggage of countless campaign books, novels, comics and video games. Many of the details of the Nentir Vale are intentionally mysterious and vague, leaving tons of room for the DM to world build, filling in the blanks with their own ideas.

Travel between communities is dangerous with bandits, vicious humanoids, and monsters of all kinds in control of the darkness between settled areas. The Vale was once a frontier area on the edge of empires, but the empires of Humans Nerath , Dragonborn Arkhosian and Tieflings Bael Turath all fell long ago.

You get stats of the town of people plus or so in the surrounding countryside and 29 locations with key NPCs for most. Fallcrest was designed to be dropped in as a starting town for any campaign. A starter adventure called Kobold Hall is provided too. Conquest of Nerath is a Risk like conquest game set in the wider world outside of the Nentir Vale, with the Vale being just a small place on the world map. I enjoyed them for what they are. They also provided me with lots of NPCs and location details to add to my version of the Nentir Vale.

Keep on the Shadowfell Levels begins with kobold raiders menacing the village of Winterhaven, providing full town details for Winterhaven if you want to visit that location. Thunderspire Labyrinth Levels provides details for abandoned subterranean minotaur city of Saruun Khel.

Pyramid of Shadows Levels is essentially a megadungeon delve and the loose third part of the trio that includes Keep on the Shadowfell and Thunderspire. Orcs of Stonefang Pass Level 5 another adventure based out of Winterhaven, this adventure looks west to the Stonemarch Mountains, home of a brutal tribe of orcs Madness at Gardmore Abbey Levels is a popular and well liked adventure set in the Winterhaven area.

The area hints at a long history sometimes even providing details , but there is no reason you need to be bogged down by it. The Nentir Vale is a rough place and the wilderness between the points of light can be deadly. Here are some of the key points of light that you could use as a jumping off point for your players before they head into the dangerous forests, hills and dungeons of the wilderness.

Outside of the borders of the Nentir Vale can be whatever you want or you can look to Conquest of Nerath for ideas see map below. Hammerfast To the east lies Hammerfast, the largest and wealthiest town in the region.

Harken Forest This large forest is full of wood elves, drow, treants, spiders, goblins and other business. If you want to start in an elven village this is the best place and a good bet is with the Woodsinger clan from the Harkenwold Forest. This location is detailed in the adventure Reavers of the Harkenwold. This collection of half a dozen small villages makes up the Barony of Harkenwold.

Fallcrest This large town acts as a hub in the center of the Nentir Vale and is an excellent starting point for your PCs. Fallcrest is surrounded by farmland and adventure sites. It can act as a base of operations to return to or can be the adventure site for a small scale urban campaign. Fallcrest has graveyards, gangsters, cults and more in the town itself. Close to the town are kobolds, goblins, witches, dragons and more. Winterhaven The remote town of Winterhaven lies to the northwest.

Like Fallcrest, this Point of Light is a small town surrounded by a few miles of farmland and pastures, but it is smaller and does not work as well for urban adventures. The orcs to the northwest could invade again at any time and this village acts looks more like a stronghold. This location is detailed in Keep on the Shadowfell. Nenlast This fishing community to the northeast is small and remote but is a point of light that can be explored at the start or anytime during the campaign.

Nentir Vale is located in Nerath to the northwest in this map from the Conquest of Nerath board game. For 5th edition, you could provide your players with these details to figure out where their PC might be from or mix it up however you like. Dragonborn are rare sights in the Vale.

A few can be found in the towns of the Nentir Vale acting as bodyguards or caravan escorts. If you want to create a community of Tinker Gnomes, go for it, but a more likely story is that the gnome traveled to the region.

Dwarves can be found in the towns. Wood Elves are rarely seen in human dominated communities. Most likely a wood elf would be from a small village in the Harken Forest. High Elves are rarely seen in the Vale at all. In 4th edition, Eladrin were rare in the Vale, so we had our Eladrin come from the Feywild.

Half-Elves can be found in small numbers, but due to the scarcity of elves in the Vale the interaction with humans required to create a half-elf would be rare. You can decide on your own how society treats the offspring stuck between two worlds. Humans are the dominant race of the Nentir Vale anywhere outside of Hammerfast and the Harken Forest. Halflings are the second most numerous people in the Vale, like humans can be found nearly anywhere.

Tieflings are rare and most likely to be found in Fallcrest, living under the thumb of two tiefling families or operating as shopkeepers.

Tieflings have a long history in this world and were originally human nobles before they built the now collapsed Bael Turath empire.


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Run a Nentir Vale Campaign for D&D 5th Edition

The world as you know it is composed of isolated pockets of civilization surrounded by dark areas of untamed wild. Travel between cities and villages is dangerous, and most people are ignorant about the rest of the world aside from rumor. Bandits, vicious humanoids, and monsters of all kinds inhabit the darkness between settled areas, and those who wish to venture out do so at their own risk. Fallcrest lies near the middle of the broad borderland region known as the Nentir Vale.

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