Start your review of Anarchism Write a review Sep 27, Steve rated it it was amazing I stole this book, I said I was gonna give it back but I didnt.. I feel shame. Woodcock defines the subject of this work along the following lines: ". The organizational structure is pretty clean.

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Frank Mintz Being in possession of the first United States edition of this book, from , we can easily see just how faithful the author has been to his original text, notes, bibliography and index, adding only a post script of 11 pages in We shall go on to comment on this great innovation shortly. The date is chosen deliberately; it marks the real death in Spain of the anarchist movement which Bakunin founded two generations before.

At present it is convenient and practicable for our bureaucratic rulers to allow us to retain certain of the liberties of capitalist democracy. When events render this position inconvenient for them to maintain, they will not hesitate to make the English state in all its aspects as ruthless as the German.

But I do contend that there is a general trend in social affairs towards a revolutionary situation, in the maturing of which this war is but an incident. The oppositions of the class struggle are becoming daily more clear, and there is a growing realisation among men of all kinds that the social choice before them is not one between two forms of authoritarian society, such as democracy and fascism, but between authority in any form and the completely free society of anarchy.

Omission of Sources It is time now, for us to point out that the quotations in favour of anarchism, come from Anarchy or Chaos Freedom Press, , pp by … George Woodcock, at that time an anarchist. This blinkered pacifism leads Woodcock to ignore the Italian theoretician Galleani, the Argentine movement as a whole, the social struggles in the United States the struggles at the turn of the century are utterly ignored and the roles of Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman appear inconsequential.

Autonomous Struggles First, scholarly interest, not only in anarchism but also in socialism and in the marxist movement, dates back to the end of the nineteenth century, and the reason is readily understandable: it is the duty of the university to supply the State with the cultural and philosophical justification for smashing or corrupting anti-exploitation theories.

In Italy, Lombroso discovered that all anarchists have a congenital, wicked tendency towards crime; in France, Victor Basch saw them as religious persons without a god. Second, to reduce the new libertarianism to the student or intellectual world is stupid.

Hungary in , Czechoslovakia in , France that same year, and China in April see the paper Minus 7 are clear indications that all workers — whether their work be physical, manual or intellectual — feel fed up with hierarchy, and the permanence of the same rulers.

If anarchism were only a fad, a moral posture for intellectuals, why are millions of people pursuing its goals?


The Anarchist Reader - George Woodcock

He was to remain an anarchist for the rest of his life, writing several books on the subject, including Anarchism, the anthology The Anarchist Reader , and biographies of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon , William Godwin , Oscar Wilde and Peter Kropotkin. It was during these years that he met several prominent literary figures, including T. Eliot and Aldous Huxley , and forging a particularly close relationship with the art theorist Herbert Read. At Camp Angel in Oregon, a camp for conscientious objectors, he was a founder of the Untide Press , which sought to bring poetry to the public in an inexpensive but attractive format.


George Woodcock



Anarchism by George Woodcock [Review]




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