His year of birth is disputed, with , , , and being suggested. He failed to graduate from either of those colleges. Twitchell became a correspondent for Our Navy magazine after the war for a short time. He later went on to become a freelance journalist.

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His year of birth is disputed, with , , , and being suggested. He failed to graduate from either of those colleges. Twitchell became a correspondent for Our Navy magazine after the war for a short time. He later went on to become a freelance journalist. He lived on the grounds of the church, and edited its periodical, The Mystic Cross.

He was asked to leave the church in July , due to personal misconduct. A few months later he formally separated from his wife, who stayed on at the fellowship for a time. Their divorce was finalized in By reports to Singh that Twitchell was teaching a program very similar to Ruhani Satsang caused a serious disagreement between them which was never repaired.

Twitchell also suggested that he never spiritually benefited from his connection with Singh. Twitchell never received a positive response from Singh and following their disagreement in he asked for its return. He published it himself in She was working part-time at the Library, where they met, while doing an under-graduate degree. Twitchell later introduced her to the Ruhani Satsang teachings, as well as others, and Gail was also formally initiated by Singh in early December in San Francisco, during his second tour of the USA.

At the same time Twitchell relocated to San Francisco permanently. They married soon after on January 16, , when Twitchell began more seriously writing and compiling materials about his new teaching, Eckankar.

The first draft manuscript for The Far Country was written during this year. Twitchell also began having articles about Eckankar published in various newspapers and magazines. Gail quit her studies to work full-time so that Twitchell could dedicate himself to establishing Eckankar as a new business venture.

In spring , he began a long-term series of regular lectures and workshops on Eckankar at the California Parapsychology Foundation in San Diego and also started selling monthly "Discourses" to interested students.

Twitchell said her encouragement was a spark for him to do something more with his writings. Critics state that at first Twitchell claimed his teachings were new but that he eventually referred to them as an ancient science that pre-dated all other major religious belief systems.

Those were indeed his own views and ideas. However, once he launched Eckankar in October , he always referred to it as being an ancient teaching. The actual existence of "Rebazar Tarzs," like that of other Theosophical and ECK masters, remains disputed, since he is not an historical figure, is not physically accessible, and has made no public appearance. He wrote a series of articles shortly after starting Eckankar that some critics have raised concerns about.

He included prophecy , predicting that the Vietnam War would end in and that Lyndon Johnson would be elected President of the United States for a second time. At one time Paul made his living by writing for pulp magazines. He also wrote public-relations copy for the Navy He sincerely cared about spiritual unfoldment and growth. He went through volumes of books on consciousness, a subject which was not in vogue in those days The different masters each had parts and pieces of it, but they attached little requirements You must be a vegetarian, or you have to meditate so many hours a day Paul gathered up the whole teaching and took the best.

Though it may be strange to say, in this sense I see him as a master compiler. He gathered the golden teachings that were scatted around the world and made them readily available to us. Twitchell told her, "You have no idea I have so many books to get out, and I need to spend time on them.

Lane notes that Twitchell wrote in at least two publications that he considered a book edited by Johnson—Sar Bachan—to be his "Bible". First edition unknown. Second edition Illuminated Way Press. First edition Illuminated Way Press. First edition Lancer Books.


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Open Preview See a Problem? To have a good appetite, good memory, good humor, and precision in thought and action. ByPaul was giving Soul Travel workshops in California and offering discourses on the teachings of Eckankar. Average people could begin to experience the Light and Sound of God while still living a happy, steady, and productive life.


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