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Samutaur Time-out option sets whether the HTX limits transmissions. Thus, a repeater that has an output frequency of Then it returns to the last-used settings. Hold F for at least 1 second. Limited One-Year Warranty This product is warranted by RadioShack against manufacturing defects in material and workmanship under normal use for one 1 year from the ,anual of purchase from RadioShack company-owned stores and authorized Ra- dioShack franchisees and dealers.

To turn off auto send, set the option to oFF in Step 4. FUNC — appears after you press F. T-SQL — appears when both transmit subaudible tone and subaudible tone squelch are turned on. Hold on to the yellow sleeves that go over the Shield. Specifica- tions are subject to change and improvement without notice. Follow these steps to turn off this keytone beep. So I wanted to share some of the comments I have received in the emails from after the mic owners received and tested out their newly refurbished microphones.

The default is 20 kHz. Directly Entering a Frequency. If you would like for me to do this repair for you, you can click here! Repeaters are usually identified by their output frequency. Hold down F for at least 1 second. To store the frequency in the calling-frequency memory, press and hold F for at least 1 second.

This procedure clears all stored information. There are many others but these were janual few that I knew which e-mails they were in so they were easy to find! Changing this setting does not change the tones stored in any memory channel.

Replace the fuse in the holder and snap it closed. Operation direct to another station where you transmit and receive on the same frequency is called simplex operation. Use an 8-ohm communications or PA speaker that can handle 5 or more watts of power such as Radio Shack Cat. If the frequency is not in a memory, the HTX stores the frequency in the lowest unused memory, then resumes scanning. This is where the soldering gets tricky. Follow these steps to use the transceiver as a base station.

If you do not want a receive tone, select oFF. Follow these steps to select the transmission time-out setting. If it gets wet, wipe it dry immediately. To switch between the two levels, press F then DIM. Follow these steps to change the scanning range. Turning Auto Duplex On and Off. Select the desired frequency.


Radio Shack HTX-252 Microphone Cord Replacement

Each type of antenna has its benefits. Choose one that best meets your needs. Mount the base station antenna according to its instructions. Use an 8-ohm communications or PA speaker that can handle 5 or more watts of power such as Radio Shack Cat.


RadioShack FM Mobile Transceiver HTX 252 Owners Manual

Gonris Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. The following charts should help you get a better idea of the func- tion of each control. Connect the antenna to your HTX using ohm coaxial cable. Replace the fuse in the holder and ht it closed.


Radio Shack HTX-252 Owner's Manual

Here are the specifics. This is for those residing in the US only. Paypal, Cash, or Check are accepted as payment. Either way you would like for the transaction to take place is fine with me. Just hit the Contact Me link above and let me know.



The last used frequency and other settings appear the default fre- quency is To turn the transceiver off, rotate counterclockwise until it clicks. With the transceiver on, rotate counterclockwise until you hear a hissing sound. Then slowly rotate clockwise just until the noise stops. Page 21 2. Hold the microphone about 3 inches from your mouth. Hold down the ribbed transmit button on the side of the microphone, then speak slowly and clearly into the micro- phone.

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