Mezidal Review quote In a world of hyper-competition and nonstop reinvention, the only sustainable form of business leadership is thought leadership generating more good ideas faster than anybody else. About the Author Bryan W. Meg rated it it was amazing Jun 06, One of his most important messages is that leaders should leverage creativity across their organizations. One of his most important messagesis that leaders should leverage creativity across theirorganizations. Want to Read saving….

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Because my Growth Engine coworkers and I consult primarily with businesses, and more specifically business teams, our creative work has had to be very bottom line-oriented. We all know one great idea can change the world.

The processes in Idea Stormers can help individuals and teams generate a great many new ideas. Could you clarify a term for us? Idea Stormers focuses on the ideation process in the business environment, but many of the same creative challenges can also apply to writers. How might a writer apply some of the business ideation techniques you discuss in the book? If, as a writer, you look at your book as a product, which of course it is, there should be much of interest in Idea Stormers.

Some of these techniques include picture prompts, day-in-the-life, worst idea, target market wishing, magazine rip and rap, and You Tube video prompts, etc.

Looking to write better descriptions of the physical features of your lead character? Search online visual databases to inspire you. Want a better feel for the psychology of a particular character? Create a collage of his or her most intimate desires and wishes.

Not quite sure how to describe a particular location in a unique and compelling way? Watch movie clips or You Tube videos. As you know, there are also some creative challenges unique to writers. How might the ideation process for a writer differ from that someone in the business environment and how can writers use the techniques in your book? Instead of trying to generate good ideas, the teams first create terrible, awful, stupid, ridiculous, absurd, gross, crazy, even sexually-inappropriate ideas.

Bad, really bad ideas. Then teams use these worst ideas to trigger good ideas: by either thinking of the opposite of the worst idea, or by thinking that as bad as is this worst idea is, there is something in it they can use to inspire a good idea. One of the challenges of good writing is to continually surprise the reader; but only in ways that are consistent with the characters, the situation, and the narrative. But in an hilarious reversal of the expected, it is the feisty Aurora who takes control!

For instance, I am now writing a young adult novel that uses the creative process as its theme. So, I ordered a dozen different creative-thinking puzzle books to help inspire me and sensitize me to the creative problem solving challenges that kids in junior high and high school are asked to solve.

No, I get into the zone by playing tricks on myself. One trick I use is to work on the easily achievable first: something I know I can succeed with as a prelude to tackling a really tough writing challenge. Some of the creative challenges from my two editors were to be more explicit about teaching moments, and be even clearer about how people new to the field might apply a specific creative technique.

As an expert in the field of group ideation and organizational innovation, it meant I would often take things for granted. Being explicit about how or why something will work when it was so obvious to me because of my experience made for some difficult writing challenges. This path of least resistance—saving some of the harder creative challenges for later— enables me to build on success by completing the easier re-writes first. I intentionally created the conditions that forced me into having two jobs for the five months it took me to write, and re-write, the book.

So deadlines have a funny way of boosting creativity. Want to learn more about how to boost your creativity? Now check your email to confirm your subscription. Enjoyed this article?



I interviewed Bryan on some important questions facing business leaders. Tell me about your work in corporate creativity and innovation? My company, Growth Engine, works primarily on new product development assignments for package-goods companies; but we have worked in a wide variety of other industries and assignments as well. For instance, we recently helped a large U. You mention disruptive innovation in the book. Everyone is talking about that. Give me some examples of how to be disruptive without being dysfunctional?


Idea Stormers: How to Lead and Inspire Creative Breakthroughs



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Idea Stormers: How to Lead and Inspire Creative Breakthroughs


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