Together with its ecosystem of partner companies, Iridium delivers an innovative and rich portfolio of reliable solutions for markets that require truly global communications. Iridium completed a constellation upgrade in early , replacing all its satellites and upgrading the supporting ground infrastructure. In space, each Iridium satellite is linked to up to four others creating a dynamic network that routes traffic among satellites to ensure global coverage, even where traditional local systems are unavailable. What is a Satellite Phone? A satellite phone is not a cell phone and a cell phone cannot be configured to connect to a satellite. Cell phones connect to physical cellular towers to make calls, send texts and access internet services on mobile data.

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How do I make calls from my Iridium phone? On most plans, you should dial 00 plus the country code and the number. The exception to this is that if your digit Iridium mobile number starts with The rest of this FAQ assumes you should use the 00 dialing prefix. The country code of the U. So, for example, to call Outfitter Satellite dial 00 1 If you are dialing another Iridium phone dial 00 xxxxxxxx where is the country code of the Iridium network and xxxxxxxx is the balance of the digit Iridium mobile number you are calling.

An Iridium can be configured to automatically insert the 00 prefix. To do this, press the "Menu" button, select "Setup", and then select "Number Entry".

If you select "Do Not Prefix" then the dialing instructions provided here will apply. However, you can also select "Prefix with 00" automatically. How do I access my Iridium voicemail? From your Iridium, dial your own digit Iridium phone number. Be patient since it can take up to 30 seconds to connect the call.

You will be prompted for your Iridium voicemail password. By default, your password is the the last 7 digits of your Iridium mobile number. Undefaulting your Iridium voicemail password is a good idea.

If at some point you forget your voicemail password, it can be reset by Outfitter Satellite technical support. How do I leave a voice mail message? The easiest way to call your Iridium satellite is the Two-Stage Dialing method see below.

When you call the Iridium satellite phone, if no one answers, the call will be forwarded to the Iridium voicemail system. The caller simply needs to follow the voice prompts and leave a message.

Note: If you do not want voicemail service, Outfitter Satellite can disable your voice mail account. How do I call an Iridium phone from a landline? To do this from a U. Be patient as it can take 20 to 30 seconds to connect the call. The inbound call to your Iridium is charged to your Iridium account. From a U. The caller will be billed by their long distance carrier -- usually at a VERY high per minute rate.

How do I check my prepaid SIM card balance? If you dial the shortcode, you will hear an auto-attendant provide the remaining minutes on the account, the number of days until the account expires, and the date and time GMT of expiration in English. There is no charge for checking your Iridium balance using either of these methods. Please be sure to save this file somewhere sensible that you can locate again. This file is in a compressed format, you will need to right click on the file and select Extract All.

You will be presented with a screen telling you were the extracted files will be saved. Click Extract. Once the files have been extracted it will show you the containing folder and if the folder name VCOMPORT is green, this means that the file is encrypted and if we try to use device manager to install this file it will not be able to read it.

You need to right click on the file and select Properties. Within the advanced window you need to make sure that the option Encrypt contents to secure date is NOT selected and select OK. At this point it will present you with a dialogue box, make sure that the option Apply changes to folders, Subfolders and Files IS selected and press OK.

Plug the supplied USB lead into the side of the 95x5 handset. Make sure the phone is switched on and then plug the other end of the USB lead into your computer. The computer should recognize that a new piece of hardware has been plugged into your computer and begin the installation process. After a couple of seconds a dialogue box should pop up titled Found New Hardware Wizard.

Select Yes, this time only, and then continue with Next. On the next screen select Install from a list of specific location Advanced. Click Next. In the next screen make sure that the two option Search for drivers in specific location and Include this location in the search, are ticked and then use the browse button to find the extracted folder and select the folder within that called VCOMPORT.

If your computer does not recognise that a new piece of hardware has been plugged in then you need to go to the device manager which can be found in the control panel. If you have the Iridium plugged in then you should be able to see a yellow exclamation mark next to it in the list. If you double click and then click on update driver you should be able to select the location of the folder VCOMPORT and complete the installation of the Iridium driver.

Can I connect my iPad or Android to the internet over the Iridium phone? Yes you can connect an iPad, iPhone, or Android tablet to the internet. The best way to do this is with our Optimizer hotspot. It does require external power but we sell and rent back-pack mountable solar chargers with built in battery packs that can recharge the Iridium, the tablet, and power the Optimizer.

I am getting a lot of call drops. Can I do anything about that? There are 66 Iridium satellites in Low Earth polar orbits. If you are on a calm sea or on perfectly flat land with no trees or mountains or buildings, your Iridium phone probably will see two to four of these satellites at any given time. Unfortunately, usually there will be vertical obstructions around you.

To reduce the likelihood of a vertical obstruction blocking your Iridium satellite signal, move to an open area without nearby buildings or trees. Many people attempt to use the satellite phone from inside a building near a window.

Though this can work, the roof of the building is probably blocking signal from some of the satellites. Metallic solar treatments on windows can also block the signal. You will have less call drops if you exit the building and find a clearing nearby. Another way to reduce the number of call drops is to wait until you have at least 4 or 5 bars of signal before initiating a call. The Iridium supports sending and receiving character text messages directly from the Iridium phone.

Inbound SMS messages are free of charge. The message typically takes from 1 to 5 minutes to arrive at the Iridium phone.

How do I share my GPS position? There are several different ways to use your Iridium Extreme to send your GPS position to friends so that they are aware of your location as you travel. The Iridium offers an LBS location based tracking service that can be used in conjunction with a private password-protected web portal to track Iridium Extreme phones and retain history of your positions.

LBS does have additional monthly fee costs but if you intend to transmit your position thousands of times a year this may be a good choice for you. There are no additional monthly fees other than your Iridium service contract. The phone automatically transmits its position an SMS message at equal time spacings and you pay only for the SMS messaging services that are used. If you set the time spacing to be 15 minutes, this would provide 32 position reports during an 8 hour hike. The cost is very economical as it would be only 32 SMS messages.

Then, click the right soft key once to back up one level. Then, click the right soft key twice to back up two levels. At this point, you should be at the Location Options level. Scroll down and select Message Options. Remember you will be paying separately for each recipient address. To add one, scroll to an empty recipient and click on Options and then click on Edit. As an example, if you have a U.

You are setup to share your GPS position. To do so, press the convenience button on the right side of the phone. If it is not displayed, you have to wait for the GPS to get a fix. It can take a minute or so to get a GPS fix.

You can choose 5, 10, or 30 minutes. Remember that you will pay for an outbound SMS to each recipient each time the Iridium sends out a position report, so we generally recommend that you select 30 minutes.

Click the right soft key to backup one level and scroll to and select Update Recipient. Select Options and then Edit and Enter Number as before to put in the cell phone number of the person that you want to receive the breadcrumb trail report. You are setup. If you keep your phone powered on and have used our recommendations, it will automatically transmit your GPS position every 30 minutes.

The recipient can click the hyperlink to see your position on a map. How do I use the Emergency S. Since this normally is used for an emergency declaration, we recommend that you carefully read your user manual. This paragraph is a quick overview of the setup. Under Emergency Recipient define one or more SMS or email addresses to receive your emergency declaration.


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