Anonim spunea Buna seara! Extraordinar proiect ati demarat! In vara aceasta l-am cunoscut prima data pe Yalom, citind "Plansul lui Nietzsche", carte care m-a fermecat si m-a cucerit imediat. Am regasit placerea de a citi un roman inteligent, psihologic, si dincolo de toate acestea, profund, foarte profund uman! Este riscant sa incerci sa conturezi personalitati titanice, cum sunt Breuer si Freud pentru psihologi si Nietzsche pentru filosofi, dar lui Yalom i-a reusit.

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Mitaxe Yalom is known for telling stories of learning from the experiences of working with his clients. The stories are narrated as how they unfold in the therapy rooms as breakthough and other personal insights are made during the therapy. Jan 21, Marty: Yalom shares all of this with us in with a degree of honesty that is at times shocking, but after reading on, his humility and growing love for his patients over the course of therapy are revealed, strongly emphasising his role as a therapist — not as the fixer of all issues, but rather a person who bonds and begins a journey with the patient, working collaboratively to help them discover how to overcome or simply cope with their own problems.

Irvin Yalom Calaul Dragostei. Ultimately, I think my problems with the book stem from the fact that Dr. Just recently, rumors have it that nice, but would be well matter of diet free singles in mitchell indiana calau enhance your health. I had been encased in my mind, watching replays over and over again of the same and, by then, pointless fantasy.

It is really about the people and caring about those people. There is no adventure more exciting, nothing so wonderful and frightening, and so fraught with danger, as delving into the mind of a human being.

Irvin Yalom — Documents. Basically your existence is impervious to the fleeting thoughts, to the electromagnetic ripples occurring in some unknown mind. But his description of her weight loss? When that person dies, the whole cluster dies,too, vanishes from the living memory. Yalom Biography Born in Washington in by Jewish parentsimmigrants from Russiagrew up in a poor environmentavoiding socializing. The short story of the patient who is in love with a cow?

I wonder who that person will be for me. Whose death will make me truly dead? There are other accounts in the book. In addition to his scholarly, non-fiction writing, Yalom has produced a number of novels and also experimented with writing techniques. When that old person dies, the whole cluster dies, too, vanishes from living memory. Your therapist is judging you. The book has two distinct voices which are looking at the same experience in alternating sections.

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Moreover, as he reveals his own vanities, emotional baggage and struggles with counter-transference, he invites the reader to try to understand the therapist as well as the patient.

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Dotilar Irvin Yalom — Minciuni pe canapea v 3. He makes a very backhanded apology for what he wrote about one of his clients but finds room to lionize himself even there. Thu 29 Mar — View all 3 comments. I thought a lot about how someone very old is the last living individual to have known some person or cluster of people. The book has two distinct voices which are looking at the same experience in alternating sections. The book is a compilation of ten case studies of ten patients, although some patients do pop up in more than one place.


Calaul dragostei. Si alte povesti de psihoterapie


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