A range of railcards are available that offer discounts on rail travel. See more details on how to apply for an HM Forces railcard Regional Railcards A number of other railcards are offered for use in specific geographical locations or on certain lines of a route. Support for young people Local authorities offer a range of travel support for young people. At a minimum this covers pupils travelling more than 2 miles for those under 8 years of age , pupils travelling more than 3 miles for those aged 8 or over and those unable to walk to school due to their Special Educational Needs.

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Jobcentre plus travel discount card 26 Feb A question about : Jobcentre plus travel discount card Has anyone managed to get a Jobcentre plus travel discount card? It is a scheme run in partnership with jobcentre plus and transport for London. I am not in London but this is a national scheme. You can get discount on national rail travel outside of London and get discounted rates on the underground.

You pay child fares instead of adult. You have to have been unemployed for 6 months or more. I was told that I should make an appointment to talk about it.

I made one and a few days later I was phoned up and was told that the appointment had been cancelled! People who have been unemployed for over a year are still unemployed!! So since writing this post the jobcentre have finally rung me back.. People are missing out! You entitled to this! I was told that the person I was speaking would have to speak to her manager and get back to me again. I just keep going round in circles. I need this card, travel in London is expensive.

It states nowhere on the site that it is just for London and from the criteria I am eligible. They drive me mad down at the jobcentre. Has anyone got one of these cards? Was it hard for you to get? Although he was a spectacular idiot who never seemed to understand anything anyone said.

Another advisor came over to help him once as he could hear our conversation and looked about ready to smack him. This looks to be a London only scheme. This card is still available, you need to be claiming JSA for 6 months but you are not eligible if you are on the work programme. It is national for train travel. Just as SuperTomsk said. It is only issued if you are on JSA for more than 6 months, but not on a work programme.

I am currently unemployed and have been for 15 Months, at no point did the Job Centre tell me about a Travel Discount Card which I think they should really do automatically! However after 11 months I was looking up a journey on the TfL website when I saw the discount card.

Has anyone been able to get this discount card after being unemployed for over 12 months and on a Work Programme? Mark dwp and wp what a cocked up load of crap they really are.

The whole systems bloody ludicrous. Just a money spinner for these companies. I wish you luck. I had to print off the TfL info and take it in to back up my claim.

I asked if it could be renewed when it runs out tomorrow I am still unemployed after 9 months and use it a lot but was told it was a one-off for 3 months. Does anyone know if this is true? Has anyone had a 3-month tube and train card renewed? I never managed to get one, I saw there are both cards on the TFL website and thetrainline. At one point after arguing that these things must exist I was offered a bicycle.

It is rubbish that if as an unemployed person you are entitled to something that would help your job search no one knows anything about it.

I had one card for 3 months and then another for a month as my Adviser was on leave and I had to deal with someone else. Book an appointment to see your Adviser for the express purpose of filling out the paperwork for one of these cards, take 2 passport size photographs with you. Once you have the card, register it against your Oyster card and re-register it each time you renew the discount card.

But to reiterate, this scheme is available nationwide. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful advisor while I was signed on, he was the one that told me that I was entitled to this discount travel card and actually encouraged me to get it and would constantly give me reminders about it.

When I finally took in my passport photos, he processed it immediately and I had to wait abut 15 minutes for it to get made. It was only valid for three months, but it gave me half price fairs every time I used the train.

I had the card issued to me in , then again this year, because I signed off after my first six month period last year, then when I signed on again this year I was able to get it after six months. I think I was at the start of the work programme and he let me have it anyway. However bear in mind that even if you do manage to get a pass, some ticket sellers at the station can be really rude, I was once refused in a rude manner because apparently the job centre card discount card could not be found on his computer system.

This card is still available and now is open to people from 3 months of their claim. In January it will also allow free bus travel on major bus companies like First. Ask the advisor to look on the intranet internal website for you. Just dont know what to do next, im spending money i cant afford to look further affield for work. Ok just to clarify You have to have been claiming for 13 weeks to qualify.

They are validfor a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 3 months. You just ask your advisor for the application form and they will complete it with you. All you have to do is provide 2 passport sized photos. Shouldnt be too much confusion as this has been all over the newspapers Категория:.


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