Presentazione Presentazione della rivista Comitato e direzione Procedure di selezione dei testi Norme editoriali Call for papers Informazioni Contatti Crediti Publishing policies. Feb 01, Andreas Antoniou trasfigufazione it liked it. These same works, however, could encourage sexist rigidity in any reader fixated on its content. A wealth of examples, drawn especially from recent and contemporary art, illuminate the argument. Danto In America there was Abstract Expressionism.

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Photography was not yet capable of recording things this fast — the Leica was not to be invented until the next century. Jun 23, Harvey rated it really liked it. Hence it had to be the paradigm of visual truth. Aug 24, Dora rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think it goes without saying that this is one of the capital works in the field of the theory of art. There was, one might say, no ontological basis for the discrimination against them.

The artist performs a transfiguration of the commonplace when he makes of his materials a w In this work of philosophy, Danto wishes to define art, and to show why contemporary art, having attained self-consciousness, is asking the same questions as philosophy. Mar 05, gabrielle rated it really liked it. They were like slaves. But, overall, it is a good read and fairly entertaining. And it is the great value of such disciplines as the history of art and literature to make such works approachable again.

What it really amounts to, with the modern camera, is that the photographer is stopping movement, hence making stills, with results that never arose with painted portraits.

This illusion was conceived of more or less as a stage animated by visual incident, and the surface of the picture as the window through which one looked at the stage.

He made stencils of the large photographs that appeared on the front page of tabloid newspapers. It oa some very interesting arguments about the questions of imitation in art or the cognitive power of the work of art.

Christine rated it it was amazing Lz 01, La trasfigurazione del banale. Danto Thanks for telling us about the problem. Rivista di estetica Briefly: Consider a youngster from a rural background with a relative who wishes to introduce him to the city.

It was genuinely a surrealistic experience. In this there is some irony, as an essay by Danto provided the fodder for what is termed the Institutional Theory of Art. In truth, it began to seem that anything could be a work of art, as long as some theory could be invoked under which its status as art were explained, so that one could not tell by looking at something, whether it was a work of art or not.

And is not that tradition mostly created by, and based on the assumptions of, white males with enough socio-economic ease to produce the canon?

The artist performs a transfiguration of the commonplace when he makes of his materials a work of art. Notizia bibliografica digitale Arthur C. Roughly stated, this argues that anything is art that museum directors and academics say it is, the job for the rest of us to supply the adulation.

A hole in the ground could be a work of conceptual art. A Philosophy of Art by Trazfigurazione C. The highest compliment the American Pre-Rafs could pay one another was that one would have thought, looking at their work, that it had been made by a camera. Matt Churgin rated it it was amazing Mar 28, Gradually, it became known that the firing squad was made up of Mexican soldiers in uniform, as the final and official version shows.

Be the first to ask a question about The Transfiguration of the Commonplace. But slowly, after many examples supplied by his aunt, the youngster learns that pictures of nonspectacular things can be powerful, things like a wilted flower. In order to adequately convey what the art object presents, one must learn when to drop everyday language teasfigurazione adopt the language of the art world.

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La trasfigurazione del banale. Una filosofia dell'arte

Arashik Reading Danto was made especially interesting by having read The Sovereignty trasfiguraziome Art by Christoph Menke not long before. That, again to paraphrase Marx, we no longer are what we are because of history, but history instead is made by us. The mesh-work of the screen together with dots of transmitted photographs gave his images the urgency and authenticity of wire-transmitted news shots. Apart from the change of question, there is a change of answer to the question, since nothing the two perceptually similar objects have in common can be part of what makes only one of them a work of art. While this last looks exactly like the other three, it is not an art object, just a thing in the world. In the advanced art school, students had their own studios, and the professors bana,e artists themselves — made periodic visits, to see what was happening, and to give advice.



Apart from the change of question, there is a change of answer to the question, since nothing the two perceptually similar objects have in common can be part of what makes only one of them a work of art. Students could be painters or sculptors if they liked. A good book about art Danto emphasizes on visual artsfrom the view of analytic philosophy. Naturally, they left out a great deal that belongs to art, but that is how it is with necessary conditions. Each of these made possible works that were, to say the least, philosophically puzzling. In the course of constructing such a theory, he seeks to demonstrate the relationship between philosophy and art, as well as the connections that hold between art and social institutions and art history.

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