Print T30 Log Page 79 Close the front cover. Gently slide the toner cartridge in until it locks into place. Copy Defaults menu Use this Darkness Improve the readability of a copy by darkening a light document or lightening a dark document. Printing Page 40 — Printing transparencies Page 41 — Printing the last page first reverse or Covers XXX Assembly 1: Page 6 XXX Scanner flatbed cover removal J5 Operator Panel Wrinkles Or Creases If you receive a Lexmark specializes in printers and printer accessories, and it manufactures printing and imaging products, laser and inkjet printers, multifunction products and printing supplies. Press Enter the number to which you want to forward the fax. Page QLINK, using 27 rear cover 19 rear output slot 38 rear paper exit 38 receiving a fax automatically 45 manually 46 recycling Lexmark products 70 redistributing toner 63 reducing an image 53 removing software 74 toner cartridge 61 reports fax activity Setting up the MFP Loading paper in the manual feeder Use the manual feeder to print transparencies, labels, envelopes, or card stock.

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Y ou can find this docum[ Allo w adequate space f or air ci rculation and opening cov ers and tr ays. Clearan ce space F ront mm 16 in. Back mm 8 in. Right mm 3 in. Left 50 mm 2 in. Instal ling the so ftware f or netw ork att ach X34 2n onl y Y ou can install printer driv ers and scan softw are f or the f ollo wing o[ F ollow the instructions on the comput er screen to complete the inst allation. Getting the MFP read y to fax Y ou can connect t he printer to equipment such as a telephone , an ans wering machin e, or a computer modem.

If prob lems[ Note: F or more inf or mation on connecting the MFP to telecommuni cations equipment , see the addi tional set up instructions t hat came with the MFP.

Setup steps ma y v ar y dependin g on your country or region. Connec ting to a te[ Note: F or more inf or mation on connecting the MFP to telecommuni cations equipment , see the addi tional set up instructions t hat came with the MFP[ Note: The mode i s selected when the button ligh t is on.

Enter a pause o nly when you have already begu n programming th e number. Copy Defaults menu Fax Ad v anced menu Use this To Dar kness Im prov e the reada bility o f a copy by dar kening a li ght docume nt or lig htening a dar k document. Content Specif y the type of docum ent being cop ied: T ext, Mixed, or Photo. Number Specif y how many copie[ T o select another mode as def ault: 1 Press Me nu.

Y ou can change t he setting s in Print Properties based on t he type of pr oject y ou want t o create. P ageManager to scan, share , and organize photo s and documents. T o open Presto! P ageManager. T o access the Presto! P ageManager Help: 1 Open Presto! P ageMan[ Note: Load le tterhead paper with the design side f acing down. The t op edge of th e sheet should be placed at the front of the tra y. Note: Ov erloading paper[ Note: Do not pu sh the paper guides far enough to cause the mat erials to warp.

Incorr ect adjustments may cause paper jams. Note: The paper le v el indicator , on the front of the pa[ Y ou ma y also use the manua l feeder to make shor t runs of paper types or siz es that are not cur rently loaded in the paper tr a y. F or inf orm ation on acceptab le print media to[ Card stoc k 4 Letter Note: Place postcar ds, 4 x 6 cards , small items , or thin media such as magazine clippings or car bonless paper on the scanner [ Selecting an o utput location The MFP has t wo output locations: the fro nt output tra y and the r ear paper ex it.

Fr ont output tra y The front output tr ay should be used to output plain paper only. Use the rear paper exi t fo r envel opes, l[ Printing an en velope 1 Load an env elope f ace-up in the manua l f eeder. Note: Mak e sure the env elope flap is f ace-[ Printing transparencies 1 Load tr ansparencies. Printing the last pa g e fir st re ver se or der 1 Load paper. Note: Do not load post cards, 4 x 6 cards, sm all item s, or thin med ia such a s magazi ne clip pings or carbonles s paper in to the AD F.

Plac e these it ems on the s canner gl[ Send ing a fa x automat icall y 1 Make sure the MFP is on. Note: Do not load postc ards, 4 x 6 cards , small it ems, or thin media s uch as magazi[ Note: At the des ignated time, the f ax numbers are dialed and the f ax is sent t o all o[ Choose which incoming f ax es to accept by set ting the MFP to manual ans wering mode.

Printing fax activity repor ts 1 F rom the cont rol panel, press Fax. F or more inf orm ati on, see Entering c haracter s on page Y ou cannot enter a name using these languages. Press the appropriate ke y repeatedly until the charact er you w ant to use appears on the displ a y. Canc eling a fax job 1 Under F ax, press Option[ Making a cop y 1 Load paper.

Note: If you are usi ng a paper siz e other than let ter or A4, sel ect the paper t ype and siz e using th e control panel. F or more i nf or mati on, see Sett ing the pape r type and size on page ADF Scanner glass[ Collating copies If y ou mak e multiple copie s of a document, yo u can choose to print e ach cop y as a set col lated or t o print[ Enlar ging or reducing an i mage 1 Load paper.

In addi tion, using t he Xn y ou can scan the doc ument bac k to y our computer o ver the network. Y ou can loa d an or igi nal document into the ADF or on the s canner glass. Note: If y ou do not see the application y ou want to use , configure addi tional applic ations f or sca nning. F or more inf or mation, see Conf igu[ Scanning o ver a netw ork Note: Only [ If y ou touch Pr ofiles on the home screen, locate your shor tcut on the list.

Y our output file is sav ed in th e locati on you spe[ Darkness — Adjus ts how light or dark your scanned documents will turn out. Resolution — Adjus ts the output qualit y of your f i[ T o return the empty ton er car tridge, see Rec [ Note: The front co ver must be clos ed to star t a new print, cop y , scan, or f ax job. Redistributing toner Redistribu te the t oner if y ou are dissati sfied with print quality or if the er ror message on the displa y is 88 Toner Low.

Note: If the error mess age reappears after r edistribut [ Note: If print quality does not improv e, replace[ Note: The toner cartr idge snaps into plac e when correctly instal led. Warning: Do not put w ater direct ly on the MFP or use ammonia — based cleaners or v olatile solv ents, suc h as paint thinner , on the MFP. Cleaning the scanner [ A v oid contact with the fuser area to pre vent b urns. Warning: While cl eaning the inside of the MFP , be careful not to to uch the transf er roller located under t he toner car tridge.

Oil from y our fingers can aff ect print quality. Cov er it with a piece of paper , if necessar y. For more inform ation, se e Setting the network options Xn onl y.

Note: Connecti ng ov er a ne twork is o nly av ailable on the X n. If the prob lems persist, f ollow these steps: Note: Bef ore reinstalli ng, shut down and res tar t the comput[ Note: T o av oid tearing the paper , pull the paper out gently and slo wly.

Note: xx represents numbers specific to the jam. Messag e Location of jam Go to Warning: Do not lea ve the print car tridge assembl y[


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