Sponsored Links If this document matches the user guide, instructions manual or user manual, feature sets, schematics you are looking for, download it now. Before operating the machine, we recommend to read the following instructions thouroughly which explain how to use, clean and maintain the machine. Dear Customer, This fully automatic coffee machine allows the brewing of either espresso or normal coffee, using both bean and pre-ground coffee. This coffee machine, as all electric appliances, must be used with particular caution to avoid harm to people or damages to the machine itself. Important: when using the machine for the first time, passing from the water tank to the water supply in the programming mode, a DRAINAGE must be carried out, as described at page

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Troubleshooting How to descale my Saeco Royal espresso machine. Descaling your Saeco Royal espresso machine helps keeping it in optimal condition. Discover how to easily do this yourself. Before you start the descaling cycle. The complete descaling takes about 30 minutes and consists of a descaling cycle and rinsing cycles.

Once started you need to complete the descale procedure till the very end. Before you start: Have a container available to collect the water during the descaling process. Confirm with ENT. Descale instructions - descale cycle steps 5 Your machine starts now the descaling. The pump delivers a small amount of descaling solution in the system and interrupts in regular intervals to allow the agent to act.

If the descaling solution is completely consumed and the tank is empty, the display screen will show that the process is finished. Empty the container. Descale instructions - rinsing cycle steps 1 Clean the water tank thoroughly and fill it with fresh water.

Please start the steam output and dispense the complete water tank capacity. Now you can reset the descale indication with the menu option. Manual descaling process instructions Pour the entire content of the Saeco concentrated descaling solution into the water tank, and then fill the tank with fresh water up to the MAX level. Place the tank back into the machine. The complete descaling process will take approximately 45 minutes.

At this point the machine will start dispensing the descaling solution. To finish the output press hot water button again. Empty the container and fill the water tank with fresh water. Now dispense the complete contents of the water tank about 2 litres through the hot water wand. Your machine is ready for use.


Saeco Classic Service Manual



Saeco Royal Coffee Bar – manual


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