Edit While there are slight variations of the game from person to person, the game begins by asking another person to imagine a desert scene. The game then follows by asking the person to place and describe a cube in the scene. Once the cube is completely described, the narrator of the game then asks for the player to describe a ladder that is also placed in the scene. This process continues with flowers, a horse, and finally, a storm.

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Do what feels best for you. You can use a desert or a movie theater instead of a landscape. Some people may also use different meanings. Just remember, you want to talk about things that will invoke the proper emotions in her, so avoid talking about things like children or enemies, etc… Unraveling the Cube So, it is one thing to know the rules of the Cube.

Just make stuff up? There are plenty of resources that will offer you exact interpretations. However, if you are curious about suggested meanings, you can read the original book or check out this link: www. Well, here are some suggestions. And, she will realize that you understand people, you understand women, and you understand her.

You are a very sensitive person. Probably you are a very good judge of character and you can tune into those times when people just want something from you. While other times you can really feel when a person is being sincere with you.

This describes any socially aware woman. Ask her, and she might tell you exactly what something means, doing your job for you. Ask her how she feels about the objects, or ask how they relate to each other.

Why is it leaning against the cube? You need a man who you can just look into his eyes and listen to him talk, and you know that he is strong… Etc… etc Tell stories from your life that relate to her, or give her examples of how she might experience it in her life.

It reminds me of how I felt a couple of years ago. Example: I met two girls the other night. One was bouncing around dancing, and the other the one I liked was standing calmer.

Later, I ran the cube on her, and she said that her cube was blue. And, sometimes your friends even come to you just to absorb your calm energy when their lives are more hectic. Go for it.

Be like the enlightened master who has become one with his weapon and allow the force to flow through you. You might not only surprise her, but yourself too. In general, you want to phrase everything as a positive statement. If you really want to tell a woman that she has low sel festeem and that her life is out of control and hopeless, go ahead. It may take some creativity to keep things positive, but it can be done. For example: a weak and sickly horse means that she has had too many weak men in her life, and she really needs one that is strong and healthy.

When you are bonding with a woman on this level, it is important to keep enhancing this experience by getting physically intimate with her. Note from NightVision - when she answers a question that you feel you could qualify her on, kino escalate. DO this each time she tells you something you like to hear or commonalities you both share.

This is really powerful as it shows they are also slowly winning you over. It is a great time to demonstrate that you know what women want. As you describe her ideal man, and get her thinking about it. Look into her eyes and take on that character as yourself. She will naturally start to see you as that man.

By making a joke or teasing her, you will keep it fun and keep her interested. You want my body. This can be powerful and will demonstrate your authority and understanding.

Try to get a broad sense of who she is as a person, and then you can use that understanding to lead your interpretation. Using descriptive languaging, you can get her thinking and feeling on a deeper level. You know, like when you are in the middle of an adventure you really feel alive. If you get into a vulnerable state and reveal things to her, she will follow your lead.

As part of this you may want to relate stories that are meaningful to you. Do the cube on yourself and be ready to share your answers with her if she asks. As you do the cube more and more, you will begin to develop your own interpretations that always get good responses, and you can have these in store for every time you use the cube.

You can use everything that she gives you, no matter what she says. If she says that the horse has a great cock, tell her that her ideal lover will be a great fuck.

Go with it. There is no need to rush the cube or feel awkward in anyway. Use your calm trust building tonality, and keep her feeling comfortable. Since you are learning about each other, this is a great time to find out what you have in common. The more you do it, the better you will get, because you will find that many responses are very common. Leave parts out, or hint that there is something more.

Always leave her wanting more. Do all this, and you will know why the Cube is our secret weapon. You will discover its power and find yourself using it on every girl you meet.


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