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For my family and friends, who make my life worthwhile. And for my editor and agent, who believe in me and are willing to give me the opportunity to introduce the world to the people who live in my heart and mind.

Thank you all! I hope each of you have all the blessings and riches you deserve. In one moment, he had been the naive son of a respected and feared laird. Remembered the day he had taken the one thing Kieran had loved more than life itself.

If not for Isobail and her evil machinations, the world in which he lived would have been an entirely different place. Ewan would have married Catie ingen Anghus. And no doubt Kieran would have married Fia of the MacDouglas clan and they would have lived out their lives as close friends. Now his brother was lost to the blackened depths of this loch and Ewan was sworn to live out his life alone, paying penance for the fact that he had cost his brother his immortal soul. Ewan had brought untold pain and suffering to all the people he loved and death to the brother who had meant the world to him.

It never ceased to amaze him just how easily so many lives could be destroyed by one foolish decision. One decision he would give up his own soul to change. Agony washed through him anew. The brother who had been his best friend, his confidant. Though Ewan loved his other brothers, it had been Kieran who had walked beside him through thick and thin.

Kieran whom he had trusted with the deepest secrets of his heart. Until the day Isobail had come between them with her lies and schemes. No one had ever mattered to her, but herself. Ewan drew a ragged sigh, his eyes stinging from his unshed tears as he recalled the moment that had shattered their youths… "I love you, Ewan. How could a woman so fair, so fine, even have a passing care for a lanky lad who could scarce walk about without banging his head into something?

It was a fact everyone commented on. So how could Isobail want to be alone with him? Her viperous eyes had filled with more tears. I dinna want to be bound to a man I dinna love. One who listens, but never hears a word I say. It is you I need. You who have won my heart with your silent power. I want a man who can care for me, protect me. Take me to England and I will be yours forevermore.

However, the only person Isobail loved was herself. In the quietness of the garden on that spring day, Ewan had lost his innocence in more ways than one. Ewan would never in his life forget the sight of the arrogant man who had been waiting for them.

The sight of Isobail and her lover embracing. Her eyes had been shining with satisfaction as she imparted her devious plan to her lover, told him how she had fooled the MacAllisters into bringing her safely to his arms.

How could he stay at home while Kieran was there to hate him? Enraged over their deception, Ewan had challenged and fought the English knight.

Defeated mentally and physically, he had been forced from the hall and sent on his way. To tell his brother they were both better off without the faithlessness of Isobail. Back to a home filled with grief over the fact that Kieran, unable to live without Isobail, had killed himself. On this very day years past, his brother had come to this shore, doffed his clothes and sword, and walked out into the murky depths of the loch, where he had found an end to the pain of his broken heart.

How Ewan wished he could find his own release. It would be so easy to just walk out into the waves as Kieran had done and let their soothing peace end his pain, too. Or in the case of Eleanor ingen Alexander, it just took a lot of desperation. Desperation that hung in her heart and throat, choking her with its urgency. No one would sway her from this course.

No one. Not her father, not her mother. Not even "the devil" himself. As she neared the cave at the top of the mountain, her courage faltered. Could a man really live in a cave? After all, the MacAllisters were the most respected and feared men in all of Scotland. They were also said to be the richest. Surely such men, unlike her burly and irksome father, would have some form of refinement. Yet as she looked about the barren mountain-top, she saw nothing even remotely resembling a cabin or home.

Ewan MacAllister really was the barbarian of legend. She might be dreaming in her heart of a refined gentleman of courtly virtues to win her hand, but a barbarian was what she needed at the moment. A barbarian with a mighty big sword. At the top of the craggy slope, she realized that the "cave" had a wooden door that was mostly concealed by brush and dirt. Apparently Ewan had no desire for visitors.

Her need for freedom was much greater than his for solitude. Nora started to knock, then paused as she looked about the small cleared area.

What an interesting place he had here. The cave looked out onto the loch far below where the sunlight glistened on the water. It was a breathtaking view. No wonder the man had chosen it. It gave her hope. Moving back to the door, she knocked on it. No one answered. Undaunted, she tried the door. The latch clicked, and it opened easily enough. Inside she found an even more interesting abode. The floor was covered with plush rugs and rushes. The stone walls even held a few tapestries to blot the dampness.

There was a strangely designed fireplace that had a bent flume and chimney to go out the side of the mountain instead of up through the top. A table and two chairs were set before it. But the most interesting thing of all was the bed at the rear.

Ewan MacAllister was a strange man indeed. Why would he choose such a place and then bring with him the comforts of home? And it was then she heard the snarling sound of the beast himself. It was a brief, eerie kind of snort, terrifying and deep. Her heart skipped, then pounded as she realized it came from the large bed. All she could see from her position by the door was a dark lump she now assumed was a man.

He was asleep? It was high afternoon, too early to be abed for the night and too late to be abed from the morning. A nap perhaps? Or was he ill?

Please, not sickness. She needed him to be hale and hearty for this venture. Well, bother this. Where was the giant of legend who terrified everyone who spoke his name? She needed that fearsome beast. Aye, she needed him. Stiffening her spine, she approached the bed, then faltered again as she saw him clearly for the first time in the dim light of the cave. Not once in her life had Nora ever beheld a naked man, but she was quite certain no other man looked as fine and handsome as this one.

Especially not while he slept. His long, muscled limbs seemed to go on forever. He was so large in stature and muscle that the bed barely accommodated him, and if he were stretched out to his full height, she was certain his arms and legs would be left dangling over the edges. His black hair was shaggy and ill-trimmed, and draped over a face so manly and handsome that it stole her breath to look at him.


[PDF] Taming the Scotsman Book (Brotherhood of the Sword/MacAllister) Free Download (374 pages)



Taming the Scotsman



Taming the Scotsman by Kinley Macgregor


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