Todo fue por culpa de la zanahoria. Dodie, que siempre se sienta a mi lado, hace mucho ruido al sorber porque tiene los dientes torcidos. Voy a tientas hasta que encuentro el borde de la mesa y apoyo el plato, y me limpio las gafas. En este momento veo la zanahoria. Una zanahoria entera. No me lo puedo creer.

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The writing is in no way strenuous, but the story is. Aug 18, Sara Jesus rated it really liked it Shelves: Felix is an interesting construct. Mar 19, Claire Book Blog Bird rated it really liked it. The prose is simple and heart-wrenching. It was so entertaining as well as endearing to hear his thoughts and views on the world. His parents put him in this place a little over three years ago for safety. But something I think kids might relate to is the fact morrsi he is just a kid.

I re-read it in grade 5 and still loved it but g,eitzman second time I read it, I looked deeper into details, because Libfo already knew what mkrris going to happen, so I payed attention to all of the magnificent details Morris Gleitzman added to the story.

I remember reading this book as a child still in primary school. Um Dia, ceifaram-se vidas para sempre, mesmo as que sobreviveram I really like the style, the story written from the perspective of a child with a different way of looking at things.

Thank you so much for finishing his story, Morris Gleitzman. Feb 23, Sally rated it it was amazing Shelves: I found myself sympathizing with him and wanting to protect him. Morris is well known to many people through his semi-autobiographical columns in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald magazine, Good Weekend, which he wrote for nine years. Return to Book Page. I loved seeing him grow into himself, with such wisdom, compassion and courage.

The things that happen to and around Felix in this book are terrifyingly unbelievable. Lirbo I made a Nazi with a toothache laugh. After is a true coming of age book. I could have never imagined the pain and struggles he had to go though, to get there. Having a nine year old at home certainly allowed me to really 3.

I actually had this book packed away in a box! The next books in the series ThenNow and After are also available from Puffin. After, narrated from the perspective of a thirteen year old Polish Jew named Felix, starts with him on his thirteenth birthday, hiding in a hole.

They vze up in a ghetto where Jewish people are trapped Most Related.


Morris Gleitzman

If memory serves me right, it was called, simply, "Once As many things do, at first this game went over my head a bit. At least my mom, who I had convinced myself was secretly a CIA agent, always knew. But I eventually figured out that when it is turned into a game, this "storytelling" phenomenon can actually be quite fun, because apparently if you are being upfront about this thing called "fiction" being "not real", then it is perfectly acceptable and not something you have to be nervous about.




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