His path as a political activist started very early: in February , he joined the Moroccan Youth Communists, [1] and, upon his arrival in France in , the French Communist Party. When he returned to Morocco in , he joined the Moroccan Communist Party. His anti-colonialist fight had him arrested and jailed by the French authorities, and in he was assigned a forced residence in France for six years. During that time, he has been one of the many promoters of the new mining policy of the newly independent Morocco. From to , he was the director of the Research-Development of the Cherifian Office of Phosphates , but revoked of his duties because of his solidarity with miners at one strike.

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Moroccan dissident Abraham Serfaty was jailed, tortured and exiled for his radical views over decades. Conveying the image of a democratic Israel is a fantasy. You cannot be a democrat while oppressing another people. Zionism goes against democracy. Abraham Serfaty, political activist Part of the minority Jewish population in Morocco , he never embraced Zionism. After the war , he distanced himself from Israel and became a vocal advocate for the Palestinian resistance movement , a burning issue that dominated discussion on Arab streets at the time.

Serfaty once famously told the media: "Conveying the image of a democratic Israel is a fantasy. Printed in Arabic and French, it was a creative space for political expression that its authors felt had been silenced for so long by politicians and the monarchy. As a champion of universal human rights and democratic principles, Serfaty sits alongside the likes of Che Guevara , Martin Luther King and Patrice Lumumba. A product of his environment, he belonged to the freethinking era of the s and 70s; and of the post-independence period when many Arab countries were freed from colonial rule.

There was a global movement to end authoritarian rule, war, poverty, racism and the nuclear threat in which primarily young people inspired by left-wing Marxist ideology, saw spreading political awareness as a duty.


Moroccan dissident Abraham Serfaty dies at 84

Serfaty was an avowed communist and anti-colonial nationalist who opposed the French protectorate in Morocco. As a leading Marxist-Leninist activist, he was first arrested and exiled by French colonial authorities in the early s, then imprisoned for 17 years and stripped of his citizenship by the Moroccan monarchy in the following decades. Serfaty passed away just months before the wave of Arab uprisings hit Morocco in February His passing in November - just a month before Tunisian street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire sparking the Arab uprisings - symbolically marked the advent of a new generation of protest movements in Morocco.


Abraham Serfaty: Morocco's Mandela

Serfaty, one of a tiny minority of Jews in predominantly Muslim Morocco, joined the Communist Party as a young man and spent most of his life defying the authorities. Serfaty, who died from an unspecified illness, was first exiled to France by French colonial authorities in for his role as a nationalist activist. He returned home in , when Morocco won independence. Another spell of imprisonment followed for his role as top leader of the leftist Illal Amam Forward opposition group.


Abraham Serfaty (Gibraltarian)

Malanris Abraham Serfaty Abraham Serfaty, political activist. Funeral at Casablanca Jewish cemetery of Abraham Serfaty. Retrieved 12 November Are you an artist at risk or know someone who is? This nomination did not stop him for asking, in December werfaty, the then Moroccan Prime Minister Abderrahmane Youssoufi to resign after the attacks on the independent newspapers and magazines and restrictions of their rights and freedom of speech.


Abraham Serfaty


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