Plot[ edit ] Henry Schoonmaker, the handsome son of a wealthy tycoon, is now married to Penelope Hayes, due to her scheming. Henry refuses to even sleep in the same room as his new wife, as he remains infatuated with Diana Holland. She continues to avoid any confrontations with Henry. Her sister, Elizabeth Holland, grieves over the loss of her true love, while growing weaker and more fragile every day. Carolina Broad, a maid turned socialite, is content befriending a wealthy elderly gentleman, Mr. Carey Lewis Longhorn, who continues to provide for her financially.

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Shelves: Oh the angst! My heart bleeds. Henry made me cry. Diana made me grit my teeth and Elizabeth made me sigh in exasperation. While this series is ridiculous and completely over the top, it is a fabby guilty pleasure read. I swear the characters, apart from Penelope, are a few grapes short of a bushel, but vati are they entertaining.

Penelope has successfully trapped Henry into marring her, but because she is an evil, scheming wench, he is refusing to bed her, lol. She is Oh the angst! For those of you new to this series, Henry had his way with Diana on a bear skinned rug in Rumors, vair entertaining.

Sadly, Teddy, completely unaware of his appeal, sets out to war to win the respect and love of Elizabeth, which he was already well on his way of winning. But she is and therefore ends up marrying Mr. This caused me a great deal of frustration as I just know that Mr. Boo to that. Hopefully Mr. Carnes will meet a bad end and kick the bucket allowing Elizabeth to marry Teddy.

Even more to my chagrin was that I actually felt sorry for her when her patron died and secretly hoped that he would will her his fortune, which he did. I was a bit repulsed that she did the deed with Grayson, as he is described as having eyes that are too close together, and as a result, I was envisioning a 10 session with someone who looked like a fish. Hopefully she can find Henry in book 4 and put that disturbing image to rest.

Henry, oh I still love Henry, though he is incredibly stupid. Just when I was about to loose all faith in him, he enlists and sends Diana a fabby letter that reduced me to tears, and once again, Henry has earned his way back into my good graces. Now all I have to decide is whether or not to run out to the store and buy Splendor in hardback or wait a year for it to come out in trade paper.

Decisions decisions.


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