The application has been developed by KITE entirely on a FOSS platform as , is a one-stop source for all details of students such as Transfer Certificate, various reports, entry forms- to name a few. Currently different sections under Education Department as well as other agencies and departments provide the same data to schools but in different formats either online or offline, which often creates confusion at various levels. By making Sampoorna mandatory, there will only be a single form of data generated from Sampoorna which also paves way for a complete digital data collection mechanism in Education Department, eventually creating a paper-less environment. Sampoorna is equipped to provide with a multitude of student details such as copy of Admission Register, Transfer Certificate, different reports of students including progress reports, list generation for various Scholarships, Promotion list preparation, Preparation of A-list for SSLC examination, Entry forms for Sports, Games and Kalosavam etc and even for issue of Identity Card for Students.

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About Sampoorna Music Therapy Center for children with autism, a project of Kilikili Trust, is located in Bangalore and endeavours to use Indian music as a therapeutic intervention to help children on the autism spectrum develop skills and abilities which they need to functionally adapt to their environment, and thus become more of who they truly are.

The focus is to develop skills in social, emotional, motor and cognitive areas for children on ASD through a structured, consistent, eclectic and long-term music intervention program. The center will also hone the musical talent of children who demonstrate a flair for music. Sampoorna works with children in the age bracket of years. It has achieved the most progress with children who receive sustained music therapy, i. Children who joined in early and have continued to this day have come a long way in their development — cognitively and musically.

While appreciation for music has increased to the extent that multiple developmental goals can be worked on simultaneously, it is also important to note the achieved level of comfort and connect. Awareness comes through studies while compassion comes from the heart. Through various voice and instrument exploration sessions of merging rhythm and melody, it was possible to form a more nuanced understanding of how to use music effectively for children with autism.

Demonstration by Aurelio led to the music therapists at Sampoorna developing a model with the advantage of structure and flexibility of creative improvisation. The beauty of the goals reside in their applicability across the spectrum and, since their conscious implementation beginning from June , have been helpful in articulating techniques and outcomes more efficiently.

The goals are interdependent; though there are focus areas for each child, these are worked on simultaneously. THE FIVE GOALS Connectedness: Achieving comfort in the music therapy setting, willingness to enter the space and understand the surroundings, connect with the music therapist Communication: Verbal and gestural communication, vocalisation, expressing needs and wants, use of schedule cards to make choices regarding activities and musical instruments Breaking Patterns and Behaviour: Reducing anxiety and self-stimulatory behaviours by channelizing movement towards constructive activities such as playing a musical instrument Developing Musicality — Musical Instruction and Music as Self-Expression: Expressing oneself through music, showing inclination to vocal or instrumental music, learning to play an instrument Social Skills: Learning to interact with peers, working towards appropriate behaviour and speech, engaging in activities as a group, playing music in an ensemble with the other children Share this:.


Yoga class schedule

Menu Yoga class schedule The studio is currently closed Corona virus , but we offer daily online classes. Register for an online class by clicking Sign Up in the schedule below, and you will receive a Zoom link to the class 30 minutes before start. Our small groups allow personal attention for every student. All Levels This is the classic dynamic Sampoorna hatha yoga class suitable for everyone. Beginners are guided and more advanced students provided with suggestions to deepen their practice.







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