Weighting Cost Center Accounting Define, create and configure cost centers, cost center hierarchies and cost center groups. Determine usage of Cost Center Accounting and type of planning functionality, cost center accounting activity types, cost center characteristics and attributes, planning requirements, plan allocations requirements and actual allocations for cost centers. Configure period end closing for CCA. Determine plan data, commitments and actual requirements for internal orders and determine period-end closing activities. Define, create and configure internal orders and create a concept for internal order accounting, and customize internal order accounting, determine settlement rules and configure period-end closing for IOA. Configure profitability analysis and determine the operating concern, and assignment to controlling area.

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Fill in the blanks to complete the sentence. When a cost estimate with quantity structure is created, the system uses master data from Logistics. Determine whether this statement is true or false. True False. What are the characteristics of tangible goods in relation to product cost planning?

Choose the correct answer s. A Materials can be produced in-house, sub-contracted, or procured externally. B Product cost estimates cannot be used for comparison purposes in cost object controlling. D Data cannot be accessed when materials are costed. E Product cost estimates are used for inventory valuation.

The control parameters in the costing variant and the settings do not depend on whether or not you create a material cost estimate or base object estimate planning. An inventory cost estimate can use tax-based and commercial prices for valuation and then update costing results for finished and semi-finished products in these fields.

In the valuation class, the consumption account is determined, which also appears as the primary cost element in the itemization. Name the views relevant to costing. Costing structure enables you to quickly edit in a complex hierarchy and provides a fast overview. You can drag and drop substructures and individual costing items from the worklist to the cost estimate in the costing structure. For the global cut and paste procedure, which of the following is NOT correct?

A Navigate to the cost estimate whose items you want to transfer. B Select the items and choose Cut. C Navigate to the cost estimate in which you want to insert items. Do not use the costing structure. D Navigate to the cost estimate in which you want to insert items. Use the costing structure. What are the forms in which the views for material costing results are available? For standard cost estimates, multiple cost component structures are permitted for each company code.

Determining prices through planned price iteration is not a requirement to create primary cost component splits. Where can you use BOMs? In Material Requirements Planning for procuring parts. In Production for staging parts. In costing for calculating material costs. In Assets Accounting. What does the control key specify? Scheduling Capacity planning Costing Confirmation External processing. Select the standard costing values Choose the correct answer s.

The administrative data in a costing run should never be deleted. Which parameters are required to create a costing run? Company code Costing variant Costing dates. Which activities are involved in flexible material selection? Provide name and short text of Selection List Enter selection parameters for materials Execute material selection Manually add or delete materials included in the selection list Use the selection list with material selection for a costing run.

List the three reports available for analyzing the results of a processing activity. Costing levels Material list Planning levels Analysis Design.

You should print the log at each stage of a large costing run.


Using DOI as a persistent link

Temario: When settling an investment order for an unfinished asset, the customer, by law, needs to settle the order to an asset under construction AuC. How can this be accomplished in the system? Set up an appropriate investment reason and a threshold for scale level and assign both to the order. Set up an assessment cycle to allocate the costs of the investment order to the previously created AuC.


Management Accounting (CO) I

What is a market segment in CO-PA? A certain value combination of the defined characteristics. A predefined value combination for the characteristics delivered by SAP. A certain combination of the defined characteristics and value fields.


Manual SAP CO: TFIN20 y TFIN22 en espaƱol



SAP CO Certification Exam Syllabus


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